Housekeeping and Updates.

I spent Sunday in a bit of a ‘spring cleaning’ mode — from tackling my inbox, to straightening up my closet, and I even managed to make ahead a few meals for dinners and lunches this week. I figured it was as good a time as ever to do a little housekeeping here too with a few updates!

First, I’m excited to finally have a Facebook page for this little ‘ol blog. I’ve been sharing some behind the scenes pictures and updates over there, and hope you’ll check it out and follow along there too.


My spring cleaning mode actually lead to a big closet clear-out, and I decided to open up a Poshmark closet to sell a few of the items from my favorite brands (Kate Spade! J.Crew! Ann Taylor! Zara!). The app is super easy to use both as a seller and a buyer. I highly recommend it for anyone doing a similar clean-out this season. Now comes the hard part, not buying up more than I got rid of on the site! Check out my closet, and if you want to sign up too, use this code to get a $5 credit: BNYQO



And I have a fun update on the Boston Bloggers group too! My Boston Bloggers partner in crime, Alison, has been working hard on rounding up the best blogging events in Boston and sharing them alongside our own event and group announcements in our email newsletter. If you’re a Boston Blogger and you want in, sign up right here! Capture3

One response to “Housekeeping and Updates.

  1. Julie Q March 25, 2014 at 9:02 am

    just signed up for the list, thanks for sharing! will def check out poshmark too :)

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