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My Style File on Project Gadabout.

I’m delighted to be featured as a Glamorous Gadabout this week over at Project Gadabout! Click over to check out my Style File and read about my shopping advice, my signature scent, my favorite foods, and more!


Thawing out.

The snow is really getting the better of me. My “hey it could be worse” optimism fairy has flown the coop after standing out in the snow for 45 minutes waiting for the bus this morning, the crankiness is creeping in as my fingers and toes thaw.

It makes me wonder, how did so many people decide to live in Boston, when there are all these other parts of the country with beaches and temperatures that never drop below freezing. Beachy daydreams are top of mind for me, I’m gripping my hot coffee and going someplace warm in my head, like the subjects of these Christian Chaize prints I’ve been eyeing on 20×200.

Best dressed.

Did you watch the SAG awards last night? I’m dubbing Lea Michele best-dressed, her Oscar De La Renta gown was so modern and sexy. She should be high-fiving her stylist, especially since she’s knocked out of the park at the SAGs two years in a row! Who do you think was best-dressed?

via MTV


Remember a few weeks ago when I was talking about blowing up images to a giant size for your decor? This is an image I would like to see in enormous scale. Imagine wallpapering a little girl’s bedroom wall with delectable macaroons… YUM.

Image via The Glitter Guide

Craft scheme.

Isn’t this necklace gorgeous? I’m scheming a trip to the craft store this weekend to try to recreate it… and perhaps popping into some stores to look for a cheetah print sweater to match too! What are you up to this weekend?

Via Coco+Kelley

Cupcakes and lollipops.

I had a  very productive evening last night and after finishing writing thank you notes I managed to start working on some invites to a little Valentine’s day soiree I’m throwing. I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek at the sketches I was working on… I’ll show you the finished product when they’re done!


Thank you notes.

I’m finally finishing my thank you notes from Christmas (gasp!) and my birthday. I always put them off until after my birthday with the rationalization that I’ll get on them right away when I owe a double-thank you. Cute stationery is giving me the motivation to stay focused. I snagged some adorable notecards from Rifle Paper Co on sale at Anthropologie, and am also making use of some Jack & Lulu notes that were a gift at Christmas-time.Which reminds me, I need to write a thank you note for those too!


Two exciting mentions that I had to share…the lovely Alaina of Live Creating Yourself, who created my blog header and background, is posting over on her blog today about the inspiration for the design. Head over and check out the rest of the inspiration boards.

And I was quite excited to see that my little bedroom makeover was featured on Dwell Studio’s “How You Dwell” column on their blog. I’m blushing a bit at the compliment — I’ve been a long time fan of their founder Christiane Lemieux’s designs.

The Coveted.

Have you been reading The Coveted? It’s like The Selby and The Sartorialist had a baby and then the baby went to go live in very fashionable closets. This dress belongs to Karla Martinez, Fashion Market and Accessories Director, W Magazine. Just one word: WOW.

Friendship bracelets.

Remember making floss bracelets in the summer with friends? My buddies and I would spend hours sitting out in the sun with our legs stretched out and the floss bracelets safety-pinned to our shoe laces so we could knot away while gossiping about whatever 10 year old girls gossip about. That nostalgia is what has me liking these grown up, blinged out versions of the friendship bracelets.

Clockwise from top 1, 234


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