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Apartment Tour.

A few weeks back a member of our Boston Bloggers group approached me about photographing our apartment for Houzz. I’m sure anyone who rents would agree with me, that apartment living isn’t always perfect — you have to work with what you have (in my case, crazy zig-zag carpeting and a kitchen with no cabinets!). Knowing those imperfections can be the things that I dwell on, I was a little apprehensive at first — but Faith from Design Fixation photographed our space and I’m so touched seeing the images that she captured of it. We’re in the very beginning stages of house-hunting (exciting! terrifying!) and I’m so happy to know that this imperfect little apartment where we got engaged, married, and built a pretty cool adult life is preserved. I pulled a few of my favorite details from the shoot below, if you’d like to see more of the images and interview (plus lots of product resources) head on over to HouzzScreenshot 2015-06-25 08.49.11Screenshot 2015-06-25 08.49.53Screenshot 2015-06-25 08.49.40 Screenshot 2015-06-25 08.50.38 Screenshot 2015-06-25 08.50.59 Screenshot 2015-06-25 08.52.08Screenshot 2015-06-25 08.52.47Screenshot 2015-06-25 08.51.41All photos taken by Faith from Design Fixation


A cozy bed.

I am constantly trying to make my bed incrementally more comfortable and cozy (we got fluffy new pillows this weekend, a must!), but don’t you just always wonder how stylists get that “coziest place on earth” look when bedrooms are featured in magazines and design books? I ran across this image and I want to dive head first into that freshly made bed — the layered pillows, the slip-covered headboard, smooth crisp duvet… I mean — it might actually be dangerously cozy, I don’t think I’d ever leave!

8. Stephen Shubel Cottage

Source: Stephen Shubel Design

Cake, flowers, and monograms.

A few random musings are what I have for you today… first off: my birthday is on Thursday and I have one thing on my mind. Funfetti Cake. Somehow my grocery store was sold out of the mix (didn’t they know it was my birthday?) so I’ve been looking up a few homemade recipes (here and here).

funfetti cake

This weekend we also tackled some wedding planning tasks — I got to work pulling together inspiration images for our florist (who happens to be one of my fabulous bridesmaids!). I’m so excited to see all of these ideas come together, I’m thinking beautiful giant peonies, some pretty little billy buttons, and pops of bright pink blooms.

floral inspiratoin

And it will come as surprise to no one, that as we worked on our wedding registry this weekend there were plenty of monogrammed goods added to the list. I’m certain I would have registered for a monogrammed vacuum, had that been an option.


Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Sprucing things up.

I spruced up our bedroom recently with a few new accessories that were under the Christmas tree! We have slanted ceilings in our bedroom which can make decorating a challenge — but my parents gifted me the perfect little gold starburst mirror that fits perfectly in the in the spot above our bed that I’ve been trying to fill for a year and a half.  And I added a new Dwell Studio citrine zebra pillow that has been on my wishlist forever; it’s the perfect pop of color against the poppyseed walls!
photo (93)

Bedroom revamp.

All this ice-cold gloomy-grey winter weather made for some poor photo-taking lighting over the past few weeks, so I’m happy I got a patch of sunlight this weekend to photograph some of my bedroom edits.

I’m ecstatic over the Dwell Studio Draper bedding I got from my birthday (do I have an awesome boyfriend or what?) — it is as cozy as it is pretty. Blogging about it, talking about, and leaving the catalog open on the coffee table with hearts drawn around it seemed to have worked!

Plus I added some new Euro pillows made out of Alexander Henry fabric that I picked up at Grey’s Fabric and Notions in the South End (note to crafty Bostonians,  go check it out, it’s fabulous!) I’m so obsessed with this fabric that I’m considering making more pillows out of it for the living room too.

Pop of poppyseed.

It’s sad that took me almost a week after I finished painting in my bedroom to get enough natural light to take a good picture of the results! But the rain clouds finally parted and now I can share with you how my weekend project turned out:

Painting the wall behind my bed was so gratifying. $14 worth of paint, one Saturday of work, and it totally transformed the room. I love the color; it’s called Poppyseed, and looks just like it sounds… a near black hue with hints of navy blue.

Here is what the room looked like before, major blah:

And for fun… one more stellar “after”:

Checking one project off the list of course means I’m just thinking about I want to do next… lamp upgrades, a new duvet, and perhaps some art above the bed? I’m never finished!


Crisp white.

I am seriously obsessed with this bedroom — I keep opening up the image on my desktop and trying to figure out how I can “get the look” for my bedroom. Doesn’t it look so crisp and serene? I just want to crawl into that bed right now!

Image via 6th Street Design School

Sticker shock.

Last week I was all about painting a faux-headboard, but this week I’ve found an equally enticing alternative for apartment dwellers: headboard decals!

These might even be fun to combine with the painted headboard idea; you could customize it with your own details, especially for these ones that look like they have  a lot of empty space in the center.

This one is my favorite:

Has anyone ever used these wall decals before? My big concern would be that paint around it would fade and you’d end up with a headboard shadow once you finally peel it off. I’d love to hear how they work!

Images via Blik

Snuggle cubby.

I love my bed, it’s so hard for me to get out from under the warm covers in the morning and go to work. Especially on this cold Boston winter mornings, and especially on Mondays, I just want to snuggle in it all day long.

A bed like this, in its own little cabinet nook, would probably be the death of me — I would never ever be able to get out:

via Apartment Therapy

The kids are alright.

I love saving pictures of rooms I find inspiring, but I noticed something today: I never save pictures of kids rooms. At first I’m thinking, well I don’t have kids, why would I save them? But I think why I really never save them is because I’m often disturbed by overly styled kids rooms that look like a child wouldn’t even be ALLOWED in the room, let alone living in it.

I’m having a change of heart though with this room from Cookie Magazine. It’s certainly not the Barbie-infested bedroom I grew up playing in, but at least they acknowledge that the kids have some toys and maybe a pair of shoes to their name.  Though the glass terrarium on the end table is just asking for a sibling-fueled-scuffle and a swift crash to the floor.


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