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Birthday Weekend.

I’ve been off-line for a few days doing something very important: celebrating my birthday! I’m a very lucky girl and came home to freshly baked funfetti cupcakes by my fiancé and opened some amazing presents (hello, how gorgeous is that pink zebra wrapper paper?) My favorite gift? A new instax mini camera! It was a hit at the bar; I snapped some instant photos and handed them out to friends as ‘party favors.’ Here’s hoping the rest of year 28 is as fun as this weekend was!


Birthday recap.

I had an amazing birthday weekend. My friend threw me a fabulous cocktail party on Saturday night, I had a relaxing Sunday, and then I took Monday off for my actual birthday and had a long lunch that turned into cupcakes that then turned into more cocktails. See that cupcake below? It’s a cinnamon chai cupcake with sticky caramel and pecans. Yup. Be jealous.

Plus I got some awesome gifts, like all new bathroom linens and Kate Spade’s Twirl perfume from my family, a chevron bag that has my name written all over it, and an adorable print of stacked suitcases from a friend’s etsy shop. I’m still playing around with hanging up my new print in different spots in the apartment, I can’t make a choice because I want one in every room.

The present that takes the cake is my new Dwell Studio Draper bedding from my boyfriend, I’ve been talking about that set for months and am SO excited to wash them tonight so I can get them on my bed and take some pictures to share!

Thanks to everyone for all of the sweet comments here and on Twitter, it was a spectacular birthday!

Monday Funday.

You know what makes Monday better? Taking the day off of work to celebrate your birthday! I’m dragging out my awesome, celebration-packed weekend just one more day and plan to fill it with cupcakes and lounging and an afternoon cocktail or two. I’ll be sure to share some of my fun later!

Images via 1, 2, 3

Brats and cupcakes.

Have I mentioned that my birthday is on Monday? I’m a giant brat about my birthday and always demand that people make a big deal about it. Some people think it’s unreasonable to act like that when you’re an adult, but i don’t hang out with those types of people. I hang out with awesome girls who are indulging my brattiness by throwing me a party this weekend!

Anyway, I brought up the topic of birthdays because they remind me of cupcakes, and I wanted to show you these really cute cupcake wrappers. I’m not in charge of my birthday celebration this year, it’s in the hands of those kick-ass girls, but I still really want to buy some polka dot cupcake wrappers… perhaps I’ll throw a Valentines Day party??

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Cold shoulder.

Styles creeped back from the eighties and we tried to ignore, we tried to resist. But then all of a sudden, you look in the mirror and you’re wearing leggings, ray-bans, and an off-the-shoulder oversized tee with rhinestone embellishments. These things just happen. And so, big shoulders were bound to creep back into our wardrobes too.

I’m just dipping my foot in the chilly waters of the shoulder-adornment trend and bought a striped shirt with sequined shoulders for my birthday party tonight. Some people won’t get it. Some people will. But I’m going to rock them anyway, because it was bound to happen.

I think I’ll look like this, except 2 feet shorter and 30lbs heavier:

Images via UrbanOutfitters; Carol Hannah

Champagne and tiaras.

Happy Birthday to me! Who doesn’t love a day when you can drink champagne and wear tiaras and everyone has to do what you tell them too?

images via thethinkingtank and Jeune Marie

Gaga for toys.

The ol’ 25th birthday is creeping up on me (tomorrow!), and I’m getting nostalgic. Birthdays used to be all about ripping open boxes with Barbies inside, now they’re all about ripping open bottles of champagne (not that I’m complaining).

Toys are not on Adult Kate’s birthday list, but if 8-year old Kate was around today, I would surely have put some Lady Gaga inspired Barbies and My Little Ponies on the list…


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