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Power girls.

I just watched Jenna Lyon’s appearance on Oprah today (thank you TiVo for giving me this power-girl-pow-wow) and can’t stop rewinding to look at her closet. With that many choices, I’d have to wake up pretty early to pull together my outfit for the day.

I’ll just add a closet like this to the list of things I’d like in my next apartment. Who needs a bedroom? I’ll  sleep on the floor next to the shoes!

One thing I noticed was how she displays her shoes, one facing the front, one facing the back. A space saver, and a better way to see the full detail of the shoe. Just another brilliant idea Jenna! What’s next?

You can watch the closet tour and the rest of the segment here.

Reruns and transitions.

No Project Runway post today, I was quite disappointed to see that last night was a repeat when I turned on the TV.  Posting in general has been light this week since I’ve been swamped at the office trying to finish everything I’m working on in my current job before I move on to my new job in a week.

The move isn’t just new responsibilities, it also means a new desk (again). No corner office for me though, just another taupe and gray cubicle. I was thinking this weekend, while flipping through O Magazine and seeing Jenna Lyons’ desk, that I would be so much more productive if I had a creative work space.

A bright orangey-red desk and an inspiration wall would certainly make staying late at the office a bit more enjoyable. When you think about it, we spend the majority of our waking hours at work, shouldn’t it be as important to decorate those space as it is to decorate our homes?

I’ll have to check with my new boss about accessorizing my next cubicle, perhaps some imperial trellis wallpaper?

Images via O Magazine, Huffington Post, Fashionista

*Update – The table is called the Strut from BluDot (Thanks Katie!)

The Lyoness.


… may be part of the reason Ms. Lyons just got a million dolla‘ bonus?


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