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Neon Necklace DIY.

I was in the hardware store a few weeks back and saw this neon cord in a big bin — I picked up and a little light bulb when off over my head — craft project! It’s been awhile since I’ve dabbled in jewelry making, and decided to put this neon cord to good use in my closet by making myself a new necklace. This project is as easy as tying your shoes — if you can make a simple knot, you can make this necklace! I cut a piece of the cord about twice the length I wanted my necklace to be (you lose length as you make knots). Then, starting in the middle, I added a wooden bead and tied a double knot on either end of the bead to hold it in place. Keep working on either side of the center bead, adding on additional beads and knotting just above the bead opening to hold it in place. I found that make a loose knot, and then holding my thumb on top of it while pulling tight helped keep it close to the bead. Repeat until you get to the desired length, and then grab the two ends of the cord and tie them together in a double knot to finish the necklace off! You can add a little bit of clear nail polish to the end pieces after you trim them, as well as a light coat over the top knot to keep it from fraying. Bright, cute and oh so simple, right?
neon bead project 1_edited-1neon bead project 2neon bead project 3

Tortoise Shell Accessories.

Much like my affinity for leopard prints, I love tortoise shell for it’s neutral capabilities — it goes with everything. I’ve been eyeing a whole bunch of tortoise shell accessories lately to update my fall wardrobe — they go perfectly with classic black dresses to wear to work, and look great with casual grey sweaters and tees for the weekends. At the top of my list is that Tuckernuck clutch,  I can just envision it at lots of holiday parties this year! And that sweet little bow hair clip is from J.Crew’s Crewcuts — perfect for jazzing up a preppy ponytail, don’t you think?

Tortoise Shell Accessories

Sources: Necklace, Sunglasses, Ring, Earrings, Bracelet, Clutch, Cuff, Bow Hair Clip


I poured over the new arrivals for Spring at Kate Spade today and stopped my scrolling right at this nifty charm bracelet. I feel like it’s sort of cheating to buy a charm bracelet already stacked full of charms, no? I’ve always admired the one that my Grandmother wears, knowing that each charm she has commemorates a special occasion or memory — but I guess you have to start somewhere right? Perhaps this is a good time to get collecting!


Pops of dots.

Do you have a signature pattern? I’m pretty committed to stripes — both in fashion and decor. But every once in awhile I cheat on stripes and end up falling in love with polka dots. I’m currently enamored with all of these black and white polka dot bracelets and their pop-art feel! 

Clockwise from top left: Marc Jacobs $36, Ann Taylor $48, Kate Spade $58, Ann Taylor $48, Kate Spade $48, Ann Taylor $28


Trash to treasure.

I’m one of five bloggers sharing a “trash to treasure” DIY makeover  on Brooklyn Limestone this week; head over and see how I turned a beat up old toolbox into a jewelry armoire!



5 Under $50: Electric Pink

This week’s 5 under $50 couldn’t be contained to just 5 — I had to add in one extra item because there are so many fun neon pieces out for Summer. Hot pink pairs perfectly with a white tee and a beach-y glow, don’t you think? Are you playing with electric pink in your wardrobe this season?

Bathing Suit top ($20) and bottom ($20), necklace ($28), BaubleBar earrings ($34), belt ($10), Old Navy flip flops ($15), J.Crew canvas tote ($36)

5 Under $50: Bright Studs

I’m a pearl earrings kind of gal; I wear big pearl studs almost every single day of  the week. Sometimes a girl has to mix it up though, and when I venture from my safety net I  gravitate towards bright pops of color from simple stud earrings. Here are a few of my favorites, all under $50:

Green ($24), Blue ($32), Orange ($25), Yellow ($38), and Pink ($45)

Spring Break Daydream.

This time of year there are a few weeks when Boston gets a little quiet because all of the college students go home for Spring Break. This is awesome if you are in college and get to go on said break. But, if you are a grown up you stay in Boston and look out your window at the beautiful spring weather and daydream about how much fun it would be to take spring break again. And since it’s my daydream, I feel pretty confident I could rock a tiny nautical bikini like this one:

Bathing suit, bracelet, hat, scarf, shoes

Jewelry for your shoes.

It’s Friday, people! And Fridays call for a little extra dazzle to kick the weekend off right. Which is why I’m sharing some incredibly adorable shoe clips from Jackie Valentine with you today. As accessory obsessed as I am, I’ve never actually tried shoe clips.This might be the final frontier of my bauble addiction — jewels for your shoes. Tell me, are you a shoe clip girl? How do you they feel on?Shoe clips via Jackie Valentine

Soiree Statements.

It’s holiday cocktail party season, and I’m running out of dresses! My solution? Major statement pieces to jazz up my look and transform simple black dresses into a bevy of outfit options. These big pieces are all about balance; I’ll mix a chunky cocktail ring with large earrings, but pair simple pearls with the giant bib necklaces.

Clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


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