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Scenes from the weekend.

Life has been a little crazy lately, which is why I’m posting a weekend review on a Tuesday and including highlights from the previous week. I was in NY for several days last week for work and for fun; my awesome co-workers know me so well and gifted me some very tasty macarons as a goodbye present (I’m starting a new job next week!). And while in NY I also got to visit with family and friends, which meant dinner overlooking Bryant Park, shopping with Mom (how cute are those PJs?) and a trip to the farmer’s market with my sister — where we skated past the veggie stand and honed in on the chocolate-stuffed croissants. I’m back now and  am enjoying a few days off before I start the next chapter, which hopefully includes a little more time for updating this blog! SFTW


A lovely little holiday.

I’m back in action after a truly awesome couple of days celebrating Christmas. I got to see a little dusting of snow on the ground while visiting my parents in NY — which just makes the holidays feel a little more special, am I right? Vintage gifts seemed to be the theme this year, I gave my mom a vintage milk glass ice bucket with sparkly gold details for her bar, and she  surprised me with an antique silver footed bowl, some shiny-brite ornaments, and teeny-tiny framed painting (the bow detail in the frame stole my heart). Hope your Christmas was just as lovely!

photo (88)photo (86)photo (85)

Scenes from the weekend.

We took a little trip to New York this weekend to spend time with family. My jam-packed schedule included a little Friday night lights for my brother’s football game, a pop-in at the pumpkin patch, and a few fun stops in the city — I finally got to try Shake Shack (yum) and explore C.Wonder (wow). It looks like we’re going to be stuck inside for the next few days with this crazy weather, so I’m glad we got in our whirlwind of fun before the storm hits!

DryBar NYC.

When I went to NYC this weekend I tried DryBar, and  I’m usually quite camera-shy but  it was SO good that  I’m actually posting pictures of myself on the blog. Yea, it was that good. It’s such a fun atmosphere and the attention to detail is phenomenal. From the chick-flicks playing on TVs, to the iPhone docks at each seat, to the bright yellow chandeliers made out of hair dryers, it was all around a great girl’s day with my mom and sister at the salon (and we all looked quite fabulous when we headed out to go see Newsies that evening in the city!).

Long weekend.

With the holiday on Monday in Boston, it seems like the week has gotten away from me — I’ve barely had a chance to download all of the shots I snapped over last weekend. I enjoyed warmer weather and took an impromptu trip down to New York where I caught a baseball game, shopped, visited with friends and family, and enjoyed a stay at the Thompson Hotel.

I also made a long-awaited trip to Fishs Eddy while in the city. Major sensory overload from all of the amazing glassware and china gave me a buyer’s-freeze; I wanted one of everything and thus didn’t choose anything; another trip back is a must! And just like that, it’s practically the weekend again.

Ribbons and buttons and trims, Oh my!

I spent the weekend and NYC and with our boyfriends off enjoying a baseball game, my friend and I had lofty plans of sight-seeing and shopping around the city. On our way to Mood, which was unfortunately closed, I caught the sign for M&J Trimming out of the corner of my eye and jumped at the chance to go in.

We never made it to our other destinations because we spent HOURS in the trim store, playing with ribbons and examining buttons, and well, shopping. I was like a kid in a candy shop gazing at the floor to ceiling displays.  I probably spent 20 minute just drooling over these key print trims.

And the metallics? The sequins? The studs? It was heaven!

Here’s a sneak peek of my loot, I’ll be sure to post the results of my crafting! It’s going to be a very J.Crew inspired DIY session if you can’t already tell:

New York, New York.

A few highlights from my super fun New York weekend…

The city was all tricked out with Holiday Decor…

Saw the Rockefeller Christmas tree, and the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes…

Hopped into Dylan’s Candy Bar for some major sweet-tooth indulgences

More indulgences and some great decorations at Serendipity III

And being amazed by the Ikea no-slam kitchen cabinets in my friend’s new apartment (probably the most exciting part of the day for me).

Kickin’ It.

I’m off to New York for probably one of my favorite ways to kick off the holiday season… seeing the Rockettes kick it in the Christmas spectacular at Radio City! I used to go when I was kid, and this year I’m resurrecting the tradition with one of my girlfriends, can’t wait!

Image via Kate Spade


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