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Warm toes.

As I was trudging through 2+ feet of snow snow this weekend I realized I’ve lived in Boston for 9 winters now, and every single year I have procrastinated buying appropriate footwear for these types of weather conditions. I finally broke down earlier this year and bought a pair of Hunter boots with fleece lining after my gazillionth pair of cheap wellies bit the dust. And let me just tell you, as I pulled on my boots and headed out into the storm it hit me, this is what being an adult feels like: having warm, dry toes. So bring on the cold and the slush Boston, I’m finally ready for you.



Comfort food.

I’m not going to lie, I really enjoyed being snowed in this weekend. It was such a great excuse to be lazy, watch movies (saw To Catch a Thief for the first time!), and of course make some delicious comfort food. As part of my ‘get-your-relax-on’ strategy I made one of my favorite indulgent concoctions that  I call ‘fat pasta’ (I’ll let you guess why). It was the perfect splurge for a cold wintry Sunday, yum! Sad to have to leave my house and deal with the aftermath of the storm today, I want my snow day to last for a just a little bit longer. DSC_0008 copyDSC_0025

(If you’re need of some comfort food, you can find the recipe here)

A lovely little holiday.

I’m back in action after a truly awesome couple of days celebrating Christmas. I got to see a little dusting of snow on the ground while visiting my parents in NY — which just makes the holidays feel a little more special, am I right? Vintage gifts seemed to be the theme this year, I gave my mom a vintage milk glass ice bucket with sparkly gold details for her bar, and she  surprised me with an antique silver footed bowl, some shiny-brite ornaments, and teeny-tiny framed painting (the bow detail in the frame stole my heart). Hope your Christmas was just as lovely!

photo (88)photo (86)photo (85)

Thawing out.

The snow is really getting the better of me. My “hey it could be worse” optimism fairy has flown the coop after standing out in the snow for 45 minutes waiting for the bus this morning, the crankiness is creeping in as my fingers and toes thaw.

It makes me wonder, how did so many people decide to live in Boston, when there are all these other parts of the country with beaches and temperatures that never drop below freezing. Beachy daydreams are top of mind for me, I’m gripping my hot coffee and going someplace warm in my head, like the subjects of these Christian Chaize prints I’ve been eyeing on 20×200.

Winter wonderland.

Brrrr! It’s cold outside, no chance the white blanket of snow will be melting today. Were you outside in the storm embracing the wintry wonderland yesterday? Or huddled up inside with some warm clothes avoiding the blizzard? I was definitely the latter; a cozy sweatshirt, hot tea and enjoying the snow from the window.

Images 1 + 2

Baby it’s cold outside.

Are you hiding inside from the blizzard? Or stuck at home for a few extra days? This snow is a treat, mostly because I have no place to be — I’m happily stranded.

My only regret is not picking up some hot cocoa before the snow hit. I had a delicious sugar-rimmed cup when we were in Quebec that I just can’t seem to get off my mind. Stay warm!


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