I’ll admit, I was a little bit nervous when I posted my first entry in this new series. I wasn’t sure how people would react introducing this new part of my life into the content here. I did notice a few followers drop off from Instagram when I jumped into the topic, but overall I found it was some of the most engaging conversations I’ve had on blog posts in a long time! So, the verdict is the bump diary posts will continue — both for my own love of recording all of phases of life (seriously, I found a box of dozens of my journals in my parents attic when they were moving houses this summer!), and for the every so helpful advice and comments I’ve gotten from sharing my pregnancy journey here and on social media. The past five weeks have zoomed by faster than I can could have imagined, which brings many new changes and updates on my ever-growing bump! img_5099What I’m wearing: I’ve officially hit the maternity clothes stage! It’s sort of a crazy experience suddenly having to start your wardrobe from scratch when your body changes so rapidly during pregnancy. For staple pieces I have been loving H&M’s affordable maternity line and have a few t-shirt dresses and striped tees from there that I’m wearing on repeat with comfortable low booties. For work and a few events I’ve had to go to, Pink Blush Maternity sent me a bunch of their dresses to try out. I love that their styles are really designed to grow with you, they seem to be fitting well as my shape changes each week! There’s a classic black dress that I wore to a friend’s rehearsal dinner, a wrap dress that’s great for work, and a casual floral dress I’ve been layering with cardigans on the weekend.

What I’m eating: My cravings are leaning on two extremes of the flavor spectrum! I either want something super sweet (cinnamon buns and donuts are all I think about) or extra spicy (I’ve been pouring hot sauce on, ordering indian take out, and dreaming of buffalo-sauce covered everything). My obsession with sweets has also lead to a newfound addition to the Great British Baking Show, I could watch it all day long if you let me. The good news is most of my aversions have disappeared so I’m back to being a food-lover once again, phew!

What I’m drinking: I’m trying very hard to drink a lot of water, so I got a new Swell water bottle to keep me on track (the cute pattern helps, right?). I’ve been battling a cold too and trying to beat it with some honey chamomile tea, which is nice alternative to my love for caffeine.

What I’ve bought: Since our baby shower is coming up soon, I’ve tried really hard not to buy too much baby stuff knowing we’ll be getting gifts from our registry! One item I just couldn’t resist is a diaper clutch, a little bit of chicness for my future diaper bag. My cousin also sent us a huge box of her favorite things as a mom, and I’m loving all of the items she shared with us. I can’t wait to see our little girl in the cozy Hanna Andersson pajamas she sent (and snuggled up with some darling blabla dolls).

What I’m loving: I have been having so much fun planning the baby’s room and have a bunch of the big pieces ordered for the space — next I’m working on pulling together little details, like lighting and art for the space.

What’s next: Our baby shower is in just two weeks, and after that we’re planning a local babymoon to get away for a few days before we hit the rush of holidays and my inevitable third-trimester nesting bonanza!


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