This year I’m extra excited for awards show season because I’ve actually seen a ton of the movies that were nominated. Thanks to a few extra weeks of pregnancy, we hit the movie theater quite a few times since sitting and eating were about all I could physically manage in the activity department. Since then we’ve been knocking off more movies from the couch with a newborn keeping us close to home most nights. I take awards show viewing pretty seriously, getting myself set up with a laptop and phone for reviewing red carpet looks and tweeting my expert analysis (you know, from my fashion throne wearing a top knot and yoga pants). I also make sure I assemble awards show snacks with the same discerning eye I give to reviewing couture ball gowns – the snacks are essential fuel for viewing!

Keeping with the movie theme, I love to take classic movie theater snacks and put them front and center for my award show menu. This year, I wanted to give the presentation a new spin and decided to make bento-box style movie theater snack trays. I used Chinet® Classic White compartment trays to sort out little bites of everyone’s favorite movie theater treats.
In some of the larger compartments I added buttery movie theater popcorn or sweet caramel covered popcorn. Each tray got a chocolate covered pretzel that I dusted with edible gold star glitter, or a slice of chocolate drizzled cake that I had stamped out with star-shaped cookie cutters. Then I filled in the smaller tray compartments with an array of my favorite movie theater candies – Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids for colorful gummy candies, and Reese’s Pieces, M&Ms, Raisinets (my favorite!) and Snow Caps for chocolate-y options. The bento-box style trays are a fun way to get your guests involved in customizing the compartments with their favorite candies and snacks. Each tray is like an individualized movie-theater treat tasting-plate! Once you’ve filled them up with your favorite flavors, it’s ready to nibble on (paired with a glass of bubbly champagne!) while watching the red carpet unfold.


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