I just looked at the calendar to write out the date for this week’s Friday Download post and almost fell off my chair when I realized that June is halfway over (and gasp! Jane turns 5 months in just a few days). Time if flying, and I know summer will be speeding by too (how come winter never zooms by as fast as these fun warm-weather months?). So I’ve got lots of summer ideas on the blog this week that I recapped below, plus a few other fun thoughts to wrap up the week. Summer On The Mind. I shared my summer bucket list with a few fun ideas and activities for the coming months; I also shared my summer reading list (and picked up a few of them at the library this week!). Plus I’m jumping into my Farmer’s Market weekly challenge with my first recipe – a simple charred veggie salad that I plan to make on repeat all summer long. While we’re on the topic of summer – my mom gave me her vintage croquet set, and I just found these darling lawn games too. I think a big summer BBQ is on the horizon at our place!

Pajama Search. I’m on the hunt for some new pajamas. Since having Jane, our mornings have gotten a bit slower and I tend to lounge them a bit longer – a few fresh pairs might make me feel less schlumpy, you know? There are some watermelon pajamas at J.Crew that are beyond cute, and I’ve been eyeing the whole Riviera Collection from Lake Pajamas – stripes are my love language and the pajamas look so cozy.Bedroom Renovations. We are trucking along with all of our big home projects and have made a ton of progress since I shared our inspiration! The closets are in, the floors have been redone, and we’re ready to start painting. I’m on the hunt for some new sheeting and a duvet cover for the room, any favorite spots for bedding? Share them with me! We did get in nightstands for both the master bedroom (slim white ones) and the guest bedroom (wood and brass), and I found simple brass hardware for the closet doors from Target (who knew they had a great hardware section now?).

Etc. Thoughts. I just got a new pair of striped linen espadrilles for the summer and I’m obsessed with them – they’re light and comfortable and a perfect sandal alternative.

One of my friends from our Boston Bloggers networking group moved out to California to start her own clothing line, and the dresses look amazing. The styling is perfect, and I love that they’re all made in the US– check them out: Zanni.LA.

On my summer bucket list is the task of hosting a fun clambake, and I started a new Pinterest board to gather inspiration and ideas. It makes me so happy looking at it because it’s just so darn summery!


First photo by Madeline Heising