In my mind, things are supposed to slow down after Labor Day; where is that moment of respite in those early fall weeks before the holidays start? I don’t think it’s in the cards this year, but my motto is: “busy is better than bored.” So what have we been so busy with around here? Well, for starters, I got the chance to spend a week in New York working on some fun blog projects, attending my favorite annual blogger event at Better Homes and Garden’s Stylemaker conference, and jumping head first into fall family activities.Apple picking? Check. Cider donuts? Check and Check. Pumpkin patch? You better believe it. The fun continues this weekend as we check out another orchard with some friends, try to sneak in our last beach-pizza picnic, and watch my brother play in a college rugby game (I know nothing about rugby but I do like the idea of tailgating). In the meantime, I’m sharing a few of my recent posts and weekly links. Plus, I’d love to hear what autumnal activities are on your agenda for the weekend, give me the dish in the comments below.

Slipper Season. While it’s been unseasonably warm the past few days, I’ve been relishing in the chilly October mornings and have a fresh pair of Birdies Slippers to keep me warm. Guys, these shoes are my favorite. Birdies sent me the leopard print slipper from their fall line and I’m loving the pop of animal print so much, that I ordered a pair of mini leopard loafers in Jane’s size so we can match. Unclear if I’ll be able to handle this extreme level of mommy and me cuteness, I’ll report back on the results.

New Recipes. I have an easy soup recipe that’s perfect for autumn dinners on the blog this week, and it’s simple to follow along in a fresh new video that goes along with the post. I’m so excited to bring you more videos on the site this year, and would love to know if you have topics you’d like to see in our next ones for November and December! A few more autumnal recipes on the blog this week: Apple Cider Roasted Chicken and Coffee Cake Donuts.

On a Serious Note. On a more serious note, this week was also filled with some pretty heavy stuff in the news. In fact, I feel like this whole year has been filled with heavy stuff in the news. It’s felt a little bit frivolous to be talking about food and fun and family on this site when there is so much darkness around us. I’m struggling, like a lot of people, to find some clarity in a lot of this madness. A few peers I follow shared this great tool called Resistbot that helps send your thoughts to your elected officials quickly and easily through text. I tried it, and took me two minutes to write congress about an issue I felt passionate about. No matter what your political views are, it makes me feel better when I’m getting involved and voicing my opinion in a productive way. Give it a try, it just might help!

Escaping to Pinterest. Confession: I’ve been escaping to Pinterest. After a bit of a hiatus with Pinterest, I’ve found it to be a really nice escape from the insanity on my Facebook feed, some of the monotony of Instagram, and the downright depressive state of the television. If you need some happy pictures, recipe inspiration, or just want to look at cute baby clothes, head over to my Pinterest page and see what I’ve been saving.