A few weeks ago, we checked an item off of our summer bucket list with a perfect warm-weather date night at Fenway Park, thanks to our friends at Nellie’s Free Range Eggs! We are big fans of Nellie’s and enjoy their free-range eggs nearly every morning for breakfast and are even bigger fans after our fun night at The Red Sox game, where we celebrated Free Range Egg Day in support of nutritious, Certified Humane eggs that come from happy, healthy hens. A night at Fenway Park is always a treat, and my husband and I got to have a fun date night, head out to dinner in the neighborhood, and then take in the game under the ballpark lights! Best yet, the evening was especially dedicated to celebrating the new partnership. Because Nellie’s Free Range Eggs is now the official egg of The Boston Red Sox, Fenway officially named July 13th Free Range Egg Day. In fact, all on-site egg dishes are now made with Nellie’s Free Range Eggs! That means they not only taste better but are more nutritious than standard eggs! We have been loving on Nellie’s Eggs lately, they even sent us the most adorable package with free-range treats, including a sweet stuffed animal chicken that Jane has been playing with non-stop! Given how often we eat eggs in our house, I’m so happy to learn that Nellie’s Free Range Eggs has a third party Humane Certification and are free-range, meaning hens lead healthy lives frolicking in the field, resulting in a more varied diet, and in turn, more nutritious and delicious egg. I love cracking those eggs in the morning and seeing the deep gold yolks, knowing they’ll be healthy for our crew, and packed with flavor — the perfect breakfast to wake up to after our fun night at Fenway with Nellie’s Free Range EggsPlease note: This post was created in collaboration with Nellie’s Free Range Eggs. All opinions, images and content are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support this site!