I am relishing in the fall weather, pulling out cozy sweaters and barn jackets, and most importantly: cooking warm, savory comfort foods. I had a line-up of some of my favorite fall recipes to bring out of my vault, but was also eager to try some new ideas too. I’ve been thinking about making a fondue spread for ages, and the crisp autumn air told me it was time to take action – a fondue party was on the books!The hot cheese may be the star of the show, but I totally had the most fun picking out all of my “dippables” to display alongside the fondue. One of the things that drew me to a fondue party was that it’s a really communal eating experience, everyone trying different elements and getting involved with the food. So I wanted the display to be really visual and sharable, which is why I used Chinet® Cut Crystal® 9oz cups to hold lots of the ingredients. I love that you could see what was in each Chinet Cut Crystal cup, and guests can pass the various options around the table to share. And they blend well with my other serving pieces — I used some raw wood slices and a vintage wooden crate to display them in a way that tied together seamlessly with the cozy fall theme. I filled the Chinet Cut Crystal cups with different types of cubed breads (sourdough and a dark wheat bread), honey pretzel sticks, and thick slices of salami. I also used the cups for some fresh produce like apple slices and broccoli florets. I roasted rainbow carrots, Brussels sprouts, and small potatoes in the oven until softened and cooked through, and sprinkled them with sea salt before plating them for dipping. Other ideas for fondue dipping, slices of pears, cauliflower florets, radishes, and crispy butternut squash or sweet potato cubes! Honestly, I regret not getting some French fries to dip in the fondue, how good would that be? For the actual fondue recipe, I did some research and combined two recipes that I found on Food & Wine and Pinch of Yum. My version used Swiss and cheddar cheese, garlic, a bit of white wine, and cornstarch. I kept it warm in a mid-century modern white fondue pot. I love how retro it feels, like I’m serving a party dish straight out of Mad Men! Everyone gets a fondue fork for easy dipping, and pro-tip: stir the cheese with your fork as you dip each time to keep it smooth and ooey-gooey! I used a set of Chinet® Classic White™ square dessert plates that were perfect for guests to use for gathering their selection of ingredients to dip, and bonus-points for me not having to wash dishes (I mean, washing cheese off of dishes is the worst!). I can’t believe it took me this long to try fondue at home – it was so tasty and fun! I’ll be adding this idea to my vault for easy dinner party ideas, cozy winter date-nights at home, and Sunday family football gatherings.

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