You could say I “heart” snack trays almost as much as I love my grazing boards! With Valentine’s Day a few weeks away, I put together this kid-friendly snack tray with some fun ideas for giving your kiddos a love-ly snack time! I started with some 6-cup muffin tins, which are great for containing these bite-sized snacks, and got to work filling them with a few treats.
In my muffin tins I added some red beet crackers and small sprinkle-covered cookies from Trader Joe’s. In a few of the compartments I scooped in vanilla-flavored yogurt and added a few “unicorn” sprinkles for a special touch. Jane’s favorite food is PB&J, so I used larger heart cookie cutters to stamp out some heart-shaped sandwiches and stamped out a smaller heart “window” to show the red jelly in the center. I have some tiny heart cookie cutters that I used for creating heart-shaped fruit pieces and slices of heart-shaped cheese. Then I used mini-alphabet cookie cutters in pieces of fruit leather to create and XOXO pattern — use the stamped out letters to adorn larger pieces of dried fruit! The possibilities are endless when you have a set of cookie cutters in hand — I can always get Jane to eat much more adventurously when there are cute shapes involved!