Last week my friend Sarah Waldman — a fellow food writer and my go-to-gal for clean beauty advice — and I hosted a little chat on IG Live. We talked all about how we both got on our clean beauty journey and then dug into some of our favorite products. We specifically chatted a lot about winter skin — and both of us have very different skin types so I thought it was interesting to see the products we both love and a few of the unique items she recommended that weren’t on my radar — Sarah loves the face oils, I’m a serum gal! You can go back and watch the entire interview on my instagram page, and I thought I’d share a few of the highlights from it in a blog post. Scroll down for some of our favorite clean beauty products for winter (and PS: new customers can get 20% off their orders right now — just visit to shop!)Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer. I’m all about efficiency when it comes to my morning routine, so I love that the dew skin does double duty! It’s sheer and feather light, and helps keep my winter skin moisturized while also evening out my skin tone and giving me just a hint of color.  It also has SPF 20 in it, so it works as daily sun protection too.

Lip Conditioner. I’ve abandoned all of my random chapstick brands and am a loyalist to this lip conditioner now. It is so nourishing and I feel like it it protects my lips from that harsh winter dryness. It comes in two lovely scents (the peppermint is my fave!)

All Bright C Serum. This serum is my morning pick-me-up! It’s packed with vitamin C and antioxidants and instantly brightens my skin when I put it on after my shower each day. I have found that a lot of serums can be too oily for my skin, but this one goes on very lightly and absorbs fast so I can layer it easily under my makeup.

Overnight Resurfacing Peel. The overnight peel is my night-time counterpart to the C-Serum. You put it on at night and it works it’s magic while you’re sleeping — the formula clears away dull surface cells and leaves skin feeling brighter and healthier. I find that’s very gentle and doesn’t dry out your skin like a lot of other overnight peels, so it’s been great for refreshing my winter skin (and combatting some of the issues wearing a mask has done to my skin!)

Cheeky Clean Blush. I have been a loyal bronzer user for decades, but after the last few months of mask wearing and seeing it build up inside my mask, I started to push it aside. My pale winter skin (desperate for a summer beach day!) has been lacking life lately, and these cream blushes add just a hint of rose-y pink color back in my cheeks!

Bonus pick: the new Clean Deo! I joked on our IG Live interview that if there’s ever been a good time to transition to a clean deodorant — here’s a little bit of a detox period when you make the switch — how about when we’re pandemic quarantining in the middle of the winter? I’ve tried at least 4 brands of clean deodorant before this one, and none of them did it for me. So I was very skeptical about early reviews that this one REALLY worked. I tried it though and have been so pleasantly surprised by it’s effectiveness, the scents, and how easily it glides on — it’s a game changer! And I’m a big fan of the eco-friendly refillable packaging that it comes in.

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