I love using Pastene products because, well, they’re delicious, and I’m always finding ways to repurpose their recyclable and reusable glass jars, like in this recent DIY project! We eat dinner out in our garden most nights in the summer, and with some small gatherings coming back on our social calendar, it’s nice to have a grab-and-go set of entertaining items that I can tote outside for easy access. I made this DIY outdoor entertaining tray with recycled glass Pastene jars in various sizes, decorate them with festive blue and white patterned tissue paper and napkins, and then filled the jars up with essentials like utensils, toothpicks, and other festive serveware. Get the step by step details below:Step 1: Gather various sizes of glass jars to determine the piece you want to use for the tray. Clean the jars with hot, soapy water inside and out; scrape off the labels and scrub off any remaining glue residue. Let them dry completely.Step 2: Lightly brush the glass with a paint brush to coat with decoupage, wrap tissue paper or decorative napkins around the wet decoupage. Add an additional layer of decoupage over the top if the patterned materials to seal them. Set the jars upside down to prevent sticking and let them dry overnight.
Step 3: Cluster the decorated glass jars together on a tray to make your own outdoor entertaining caddy. Fill the jars with silverware, straws, toothpicks, spices, condiments, or use them to display festive seasonal flowers!Please note: This post was created in paid partnership with Pastene. All opinions, images and content are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support this site