A few weeks ago I shared a festive idea for serving a summery watermelon salad in paper cones with my friends at Little Leaf Farms. The entertaining idea was meant to be served to grown-ups, but 4-year old immediately saw that I was making something fun and asked to try a bite. I’m not one to turn down a toddler asking for a bite of a salad, so I handed her a cone and let her give it a whirl. It was a good reminder that switching up how we present food, and even make it fun, can spark some interest in our kids to try new things. It inspired me to come up with fresh ideas for how to add FUN (and crisp Little Leaf Farms greens!) into our meals.Pinwheel Wraps! These are just good ol’ fashioned roll-up sandwiches, but being thoughtful about the different colors of ingredients gives them a punchy-look that kids love. I am a loyal Little Leaf Farms lettuce user in my sandwiches because of the crisp-texture – no soggy greens! To make it even more fun, I added little baby tomatoes to the ends of the toothpicks (which help kids find where they are in the wrap too – no surprises!). Skewer Bites! This is a great clean-out-the-fridge snack lunch, mixing up different combinations of ingredients like grilled chicken, cubed cheese, chopped up veggies, and ruffled little bits of Little Leaf Farms greens in between the layers for crisp crunch. If your kids are into dipping, pair them with hummus or ranch! Playful Pasta Salad! Okay, the wagon wheel pasta makes this fun for the kids, but can I be honest? I make this for my own lunch too. Another great way to use up that leftover half a pepper, tomato, cucumber from your dinner is to chop it up and add it into a pasta salad like this. I also added in tiny bits of cubed cheese, minced salami and olives (which will be Jane’s favorite part, she’s olive-crazed). Fold in crunchy bits of Little Leaf Farms lettuce and give it a tiny drizzle of olive oil. I love a lunch that tastes even better after it’s been in the fridge overnight, and this is one of those. Rainbow Snack Plate! It doesn’t get simpler than this, just a mish-mosh of fruit, veggies, and crunchy stuff, laid out in neat, colorful rows. I tucked some crisp Little Leaf Farms greens under my cucumbers and spread a spoonful of hummus on the edge for flavorful dipping.

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