There is nothing more satisfying to me than finding a cute piece of clothing for a major steal. And when I get  a great score like this, I have to share! I found myself in Kohl’s this weekend, turning up my nose at that idea that I could find anything cute in there — but out of the corner of my eye I was drawn to polka dots and ended up snagging an adorable silky swing tank for just $20. I liked it so much I already wore it to brunch this morning. And, I’ll admit when I’m wrong — there are cute things at Kohl’s!

Shirt via Kohl’s

Today I’m going to be sharing the third of my CREATE COUTURE: The DIY Blogger Challenge tutorials, the Studded Monogram Tank.

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To make Studded Monogram Tank you will need to first gather your materials. You will need: a plain black tank top and a handful of mini pyramid studs.

After you have all of your materials, take your  studs and start laying out the shape of your monogrammed letter.

The studs are square, so if you have a complicated letter, or want to do more than one, grab a piece of graph paper and try filling in the squares with a pen to plan out your shape. Then copy the shape with your studs by mimicking the number and layout of the squares.

I chose an “M” for my sister’s first name — she’ll be getting this tank as a present for nominating me for this challenge!

Once you have the shape of the letter laid out, then you’re ready to add the studs. Push the first stud through the material of your tank-top. Make sure all prongs make it through the fabric, and then push the prongs of the stud back to lock them into place. They are soft enough to push by hand, though you can also use a pair of needle nose pliers too.

Continue to repeat the studding process, keeping the studs close to one another and aligned with the shape of the letter, until you get all the way to the end of your shape.

Then show off your monogrammed tank — it’s a perfect blend of edgy and preppy!

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(PS: Thanks to my BFF for taking pictures of my completed projects!)

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