Today I’m going to be sharing the fourth and final of my CREATE COUTURE: The DIY Blogger Challenge tutorials, the Studded Fringe Clutch.

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To make Studded Fringe Clutch  you will need to first gather your materials. You will need: a hot glue gun, scissors, a pencil case (I found one in a perfect brown to match my fringe since it’s back-to-school season, and there is a large selection available right now), suedette fringe (the amount you need will depend on the pencil case you get, plan for a little over three-times the length of the pencil case), and about 20 XL pyramid studs (again, depending how big your pencil case is you may need more or less).

After you have all of your materials, take your  fringe and measure it against the width of the pencil case. Use your scissors and cut a piece of the fringe to exactly the length of the pencil case. Then repeat this two more times so that you have three pieces of fringe trim that are the same length.

Next, line up the first piece of trim so that the bottom of the fringe is even with the bottom of the pencil case. Using your hot glue gun, lightly glue the top of the trim down to the pencil case. Wait a few seconds for the glue to set and then line up your second piece of trim so that the top of it sits halfway between the top of the first piece of trim and the top of the pencil case.

Finally, add the third piece of trim so it sits right under the top edge of the pencil case — make sure not to get hot glue too close to the zipper!

Now you’re ready to add the studs. Push the first stud through the material of your pencil case, making sure the stud lines up with the top edge. Make sure all prongs make it through the case and top layer of fringe, and then push the prongs of the stud back to lock them into place. They are soft enough to push by hand, though you can also use a pair of needle nose pliers too.

Continue to repeat the studding process, keeping the studs close to one another and aligned with the top of the pencil case, until you get all the way to the other edge.

Then enjoy your new rocker-chic studded fringe clutch! Fill it up with your purse essentials, or if you’re feeling particularly studious, perhaps some number 2 pencils!

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