I was really excited to get to dye Easter eggs with Jane and had one of the kits in my hand at the grocery store last week. I paused for a second though and had a vision in my head of the dye splashing everywhere and hard boiled eggs getting broken and smashed by her not-so-gentle toddler hands. I quickly returned the kit to the shelves and my excitement dissipated.  But flash forward to earlier this week and I found some white craft eggs at Target and my crafting enthusiasm resurfaced! These are the exact eggs I found in-stores, and there are similar sets on Amazon with white eggs or natural eggs (there’s even a cute egg painting craft kit!). I ducked into the craft aisle at Target and grabbed some sponge brushes and the prettiest brightly colored acrylic paints and we were ready to go.I saved a few extra paper egg containers from our groceries so that we’d have a sturdy spot to hold the eggs while we were painting, and it worked out great! The best part is that it’s become a multi-day activity — we painted one side of the eggs and let them dry, then flipped them over to do more painting again the next afternoon. I’m definitely the Monica Gellar of kids-crafts and had a slight panic attack when Jane started mixing colors together, but after some deep-breathing exercises and seeing her how focused she was on this project I’m feeling a little better, ha. They came out so cute, and we might even have another decorating session to add some more paint to them next week!