One of my favorite publications, EatingWell magazine, is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary issue this month. I love the magazine and have had the pleasure of collaborating with them before so I’m super excited to be joining in the anniversary celebrations and sharing some of my favorite features and recipes in the issue. I always turn to magazines for inspiration and EatingWell is great about pushing my cooking skills outside their comfort zone. One recipe in this issue that I was excited to try is a classic hot dish that is popular in the mid-west. Being a New England gal, I had never tried one before! This version was given a makeover for 2020 and instead of using potato-based tater tots was topped with Green Giant Veggie Tots Cauliflower. I’m all about hidden veggies in my weeknight dinners, so that was a winner. The cauliflower tots are baked over ground beef and onions, tons of broccoli florets, and a savory cheddar cheese sauce (yum!).On a totally different end of the spectrum, I tried out a light, fresh and oh-so-simple salad recipe from this issue that was adapted from a 1995 story about olives. The salad layers romaine lettuce with  thinly sliced red onions and avocados with a quick vinaigrette. The vinaigrette combines sweet orange juice, garlic, olive oil and chopped kalamata olives. I love that the olives bring in the vinegary tang to the dressing, and Amore Garlic Paste in lieu of whole garlic makes it come together in a speedy, easy fashion.For dessert I dug into a Chai Spiced Apple pie recipe – just the name made me hungry! Originally published in a 2017 issue, this apple pie has tons of seasonal spices for flavor and is sweetened naturally with honey. While I was baking the pie, I learned a fact from The National Honey Board in the magazine that for every pound of honey they make, bees pollinate 1000 apples! For all that hard work, bees deserve an extra slice of pie for dessert, don’t you think? I was happy to eat their portion!In addition to some of the tasty recipes in this issue, there is an article that looks at the last 30 years of food trends and how things in the food space have evolved. I particularly loved seeing some of the trend predictions that held true, like their prediction about the growth of energy bars. It’s easy to see why tasty, good-for-you bars like Larabar, made with a simple blend of fruits, nuts, spices are a trend that would never go out of style. The article even makes a few more predictions for the future – like a continued surge in home cooking as we navigate a new normal this year. Be sure to grab a copy of the 30th anniversary issue of EatingWell magazine for all of the recipes, on newsstands now!
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