I think we can all agree that we have a long winter ahead of us when it comes to being at home a bit more often. My friends at Flyhomes asked me to share some of my best tips for creating cozy spaces at home this winter to make it a bit more enjoyable!Flyhomes represents the next generation of homebuying — it’s got all the services you need​ in one spot – acting as a real estate brokerage, a mortgage lender, and a closing company under one roof. They specifically work in the Boston area for my local friends (and other cities like Portland, Seattle, LA and San Francisco). They also are offering some Home Buying 101 webinars if you need help figuring out where to start! I was definitely overwhelmed by the home buying process when we did it for the first time, and wish I had resources like this to help educate me about the process. Our house is always a work in progress, and this year as we spend more time in our home I’ve been rethinking about how we use our spaces to make them more enjoyable and functional. A few of my favorite tips for creating cozy, relaxing spaces at home:

Set the tone with lighting. Lighting makes a huge difference in how a room feels (especially in the winter when it gets dark earlier!). I like to use softer lighting from table lamps to create a cozy atmosphere, and as we enter the holiday season I’m all about the twinkly Christmas lights!

Add seasonal scents. Giving your space a seasonal scent can set the tone for a calming ambiance. Pick your favorite holiday candle, bake some fresh cookies, or simmer spices like cinnamon in a bit of water on your stovetop to fill the air with a seasonal aroma.Hide the clutter. With working from home and schooling from home, our dining room table, kitchen counters, and living room ottoman are now being used for so many more purposes. I’ve been using oversized trays and baskets to corral our craft projects, work papers, and charging cords in each room. It makes it easier to contain and whisk away the clutter so we can use our spaces again (and mentally switch off work mode when the supplies are put away!).

Make comfort accessible. Bring out things that offer you comfort, and keep them in a spot where you can grab them easily. Big baskets of cozy blankets are always within an arm’s reach at our house this time of year!

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