Today I’m going to be sharing the first of my CREATE COUTURE: The DIY Blogger Challenge tutorials, the Bohemian Fringe Sandals.

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To make the Bohemian Fringe Sandals you will need to first gather your materials. You will need: scissors, plain sandals (mine had some jewels on them, but I just popped them off), and about 6″ of the suedette fringe.

After you have all of your materials, take your scissors and cut all of the fringe threads off of the suede band that holds the trim together. This should leave you with a pile of individual strands of suede.

After all of the strands are cut, get yourself in front of some junky reality TV or a chick-flick, because the next step is a bit tedious! Starting from the top, double-knot individual strands of the fringe around the center section of the sandal, making sure to keep the strands centered.

Repeat this process and continue to tie the strands all the way down the center of the sandal, until you get right to the bridge of where the sandal will meet the toes (you may want to try the sandals on as you get close to the end to make sure the fringe stops at a comfortable spot for your feet).

And there you have it, a little suede tassel trim to spice up your summer sandals:

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(PS: Thanks to my BFF for taking pictures of my completed projects!)