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Hot Pink Zebras.

Sometimes there’s wrapping paper that’s too cute to rip into and discard. Such was the case with this absolutely adorable hot pink zebra paper that wrapped up one of my birthday gifts, I just had to do something with it to keep it around. I used the top of a wooden box to create a small tray and with some paint and a little decoupage I can enjoy the paper every day now.  (I liked the paper so much,  I even went back to the store to get some more! You can find it here: Paper-Source).


Birthday Weekend.

I’ve been off-line for a few days doing something very important: celebrating my birthday! I’m a very lucky girl and came home to freshly baked funfetti cupcakes by my fiancé and opened some amazing presents (hello, how gorgeous is that pink zebra wrapper paper?) My favorite gift? A new instax mini camera! It was a hit at the bar; I snapped some instant photos and handed them out to friends as ‘party favors.’ Here’s hoping the rest of year 28 is as fun as this weekend was!


Sprucing things up.

I spruced up our bedroom recently with a few new accessories that were under the Christmas tree! We have slanted ceilings in our bedroom which can make decorating a challenge — but my parents gifted me the perfect little gold starburst mirror that fits perfectly in the in the spot above our bed that I’ve been trying to fill for a year and a half.  And I added a new Dwell Studio citrine zebra pillow that has been on my wishlist forever; it’s the perfect pop of color against the poppyseed walls!
photo (93)

Holiday Gift Guide: Seen In Green

Up next in the holiday gift guide color wheel is green — these gift may be my personal favorites since a bright kelly green is one of the main colors for our upcoming spring wedding! What’s your favorite green gift?

Sources: Zebra pillow, Monogrammed jewelry box, Malachite Clock, Winter Boots, Striped sleep pants, Emerald studs, Square wreath, Note cards, Picture Frame



Black and white and green all over.

Dwell Studio knows the way to my heart; zebras and kelly green are a killer combination. I love this pillow so much I have given a brief moment of contemplation to redesigning my entire living room around it. It doesn’t match any of the tones in my apartment right now, but it does match my wedding colors, which might be enough reason for me to buy it!

via Dwell Studio

Must have wallpaper.

I have zig-zags on the mind. After posting on Friday about the zig-zag table from Oomph, it reminded me of Lindsey Coral Harper‘s apartment photos, I think it’s an identical print. I adore the zig-zag wallpaper, anyone know where it’s from? My love for zebra print and my compulsion for orderly, symmetrical patterns have joined forces and I want some of it!

Lindsey Coral Harper's Apartment

All in the family.

IMG_0963They say that good taste runs in the family, right? I hope so! When I was at my parents house in New York this weekend I had to take pictures of my sister’s adorable attic bedroom to share here. IMG_0959

It’s so feminine with a punch of her edgy-style, it makes me wish that I could have another room in my apartment to just decorate in pink and black: always a classy color combination.


Since the room is so long and compartmentalized by the attic’s eves, she created little areas for dressing, for reading, and for watching TV and sleeping. IMG_0961

She also has some really creative ways for displaying her belongings (like using an over sized martini glass to corral her makeup, and creating small vignettes on her built-in bookcase) and re-purposing furniture like a dresser for her entertainment center, an old camp trunk as a coffee table, and a vintage kitchen table as her vanity.



Dream Room.

This might be my dream room, it’s got all of my favorites, zebra, antlers, gallery walls, pops of pink, a mix of vintage and modern; I can’t get enough! Thanks to So Haute! for posting it!


 Gary Spain via SoHaute!

Style Verdict: Vintage Modern

I just took Sproost’s Style Engine quiz to find out my personal decorating style (a productive day for me, yes). It appears that I’m a mixed bag,  50% Vintage Modern, 28% Cottage Chic, 22% Hollywood couture.  I feel like a bit of a design schizophrenic, but  I think it is pretty accurate when I read the descriptions:

“Flea Market, anyone? You know you are drawn to modern furniture and interiors, and yet you don’t like a space that feels cold and sterile… The great thing about Vintage Modern is ease of mixing different styles in the one space.”

Sproost has me pegged, and in addition to their insightful verdict they have a very cool mood board function where you can pick items that match your personal style (if only they had a function to match my personal bank account!)mood-board-sproost1

The zebra predicament.

I subconsciously save every picture I come across where zebra rugs are at the foundation of the room.  They add a splash of glamour to almost any grouping of furniture that sits on top of it, and manage to work with just about every color scheme. When I found a very inexpensive zebra rug at Urban Outfitters I immediately purchased it to add some edginess to my bedroom decor.

When I first put the rug down, I feel in love with it, it added a real pop of energy to an otherwise serene space….but, the love-affair ended there. The rug turned out to be incredibly impractical; every strand of my blond hair and little white fuzz from my blanket stood out against the stark black stripes, and every fleck of dirt or dust contrasted the white.

Needless to say, I had to either make a commitment to vacuum my bedroom 5 times a week, or give up my passion for the zebra print rug.  Guess which scenario won? I’m now living vicariously through these amazing rooms with zebra rugs.


Image from La Dolce Vita blog


Image from Domino Magazine



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