I’ve got that post-Memorial Day energy where I’m so ready for real summer to start. Of course in New England, it may take a few more weeks for the weather to truly cooperate (we’re staring down the barrel of a rain-filled 7-day forecast, ugh). I am going to be prepared when that warm summer air rolls in though, and decided to write a little summer bucket list to get me inspired and excited!  Here’s what I’m most looking forward to checking off the summer bucket list:
Farmer’s Market Challenge. Last summer I wasn’t too hot on vegetables, given my waves of morning sickness. This year I’m all about that fresh produce and have my appetite back in full-force. I hope to make the best of the farmer’s markets near us and set myself up with a little challenge for the summer: try one new recipe a week using fresh farmer’s market ingredients. We’ll see if I can make it happen — and I’ll be sure to share my experiments here, of course!

Host a Clambake. I am borrowing this bucket list item from my husband who is so hot on the idea of a clambake right now. We bought a huge lobster pot and propane heater set-up so we can cook up a giant pot of seafood and corn and potatoes. All we need now is a free weekend to do it, a few friends to invite over, and a whole lot of butter on the side for dipping those tasty steamed crustaceans!

Tackle a Summer Reading List. On a recent warm day, we found our way to the library to bask in a bit of air-conditioning and to pick up a few books to read. Jane loved the library (and the librarians loved her) and I am determined to instill a love of reading in her. I loved walking to our town library as a kid and picking up a huge stack of summer reading books and hope someday she feels the same way. I’m working on my own summer reading list to motivate me to set a good example, I shared the list here!

Take Weekend Adventures. We probably won’t be taking any major trips this summer, but I’d love to plan a few weekend adventures. My favorite summer excursion is a ferry ride for the day over to Block Island. I’d love to continue our hunt for the best lobster rolls in Maine, and I really want to try the Matunuck Oyster Bar in RI for a tasty seafood lunch! Any other local day trips I should add to my list?

Go Blueberry Picking. How is it even possible that I’ve lived in New England this long and have never gone blueberry picking? There is a spot right in our town that offers pick-your-own, and I am determined to check this off my bucket list!

Make Use of Beach Passes. We are so lucky to have beach access in our little coastal town and I plan to make use of it this year. I just purchased a big watermelon adorned beach umbrella this week at Target to get ready for beach days. Pizza nights, morning walks, and some mid-day dunks in the ocean – I need some beach time!

Alright friends, what’s on your summer bucket list? Share with me for more inspiration!