We woke up to a surprise little snowstorm this morning in our neighborhood, which meant all of the day’s plans got thrown up in the air. I didn’t mind it too much though, after having some friends over last night for a little Galentine’s Day craft night, I was onboard for taking it slow and hibernating with Jane today. We read books, played in the snow, and took every.single.toy out in the playroom to tire her out so I could work during her nap time (which seems to be shrinking these days, help!). So before my energetic little snow bunny wakes up, I thought I’d share a few random things going on around here: Closet Challenge. I’ve been doing well with my New Year’s reading goals, and checked The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up off of my list. After reading it I realized two things: 1) I get a rush of zen when my life is organized, and 2) after 3 years of living in our house, how we’ve lived in it has changed a lot and it could use some reorganizing. I’m actually a very organized person, but in the process of renovating a lot of the rooms in our house and welcoming Jane this past year, a lot of the spaces – especially the closets – could use a little work.

I shared on Instagram stories last week my mission to start tackling one closet a week in an effort to get the whole house organized, and got a lot of feedback that followers would like to see how I’m doing it! So expect to see some fun posts about my organizational challenge soon. I’ve started on the closet in our dining room that houses a random collection of things, but just got an upgrade with a new hanging giftwrap organizer (maybe the best $20 I’ve spent in a long time). And I’m turning an unused closet in the guest bedroom into a linen closet with some new shelves and striped baskets, pretty brass hooks, and my first attempt removable wallpaper!

Super Bowl Snacks. Are you counting down for Super Snack Sunday like me? Football is obviously a pretty big deal around these parts; you’d be hard pressed to avoid bumping into a Patriots jersey-clad family in the grocery store this week. I love watching the game for the commercials and of course some J-Timberlake, but you know I’m always really in it for the snacks. I put together a big round-up post with some of my favorite game-day snacks from my archives this week for menu inspiration, be sure to check it out as you’re planning out your Super Bowl feast!

The Mom Backpack. I never thought I’d actually do it, but guys, I finally bought a Mom backpack. I have basically avoided owning a backpack since elementary school. Being super short I tend to look like I belong in elementary school when I wear one. I came across a really pretty leather backpack from Boden though, and it looked like the perfect size and shape: not too big for my frame, not too small to carry all that I lug around everyday. I still probably look a little bit dorky wearing it, but oh my gosh it has been life changing. I have two arms free to wrangle Jane in and out of car seats and shopping carts and can hold a grocery bag while I have her on my hip. I get why moms love the diaper backpack now, I love that this one looks a little bit less like a diaper bag and more like a purse. Three cheers for dorky mom backpacks! (PS: It’s on sale now in an adorable print!)

Spring Inspiration. I was looking longingly at the shoe aisle in Target this week and dreaming of spring temperatures and any type of footwear that isn’t a pair of snow boots! A pair of gingham d’orsay flats with a bow caught my eye, along with some millennial pink mules and a pair of Gucci knock-offs. How many more days until my feet can break free of the wool socks and enjoy some heel-baring spring fashion?!