Let me let you in on a little blogger secret. When it’s super quiet on this site, it usually means that something good is coming soon! I’ve been busy working away on lots of spring content (you know, that season in between winter and summer where the weather starts to get warmer?) and can’t wait to share all of it. I’ve also been working on some behind the scenes projects for my cookbook– lining up some fun events for the fall and working on some website changes – it’s going to be exciting. We did have a few brief hours of sunshine and warmth yesterday and I’m happy to report I ignored about a dozen important items on my to do list and took Jane to the playground. We ran around in circles, picked daffodils, played with bubbles and sidewalk chalk, and it was bliss. Here’s hoping for a few more days like that in our future, and in the meantime, here is some weekend reading for you!Springtime Toddler Fun. I mentioned that we have been spending any afternoon where the weather is over 45 degrees attempting to enjoy “spring” outside. It’s SO fun seeing Jane get excited about playing outdoors on her own. Her favorite activity is generally just wandering around and picking up pinecones and sticks. A close second though has been playing with bubbles– and both my mother-in-law and sister-in-law gave her these awesome no-spill bubble containers so she can hold them herself. Jane is also very into coloring right now (washable Crayola crayons are a life-saver), so we got her some big chunky sidewalk chalk to play with on the driveway. She is bursting with joy when she gets to draw with it!

Spring Favorites. I feel the need to shout this from the rooftops: I have found the world’s most comfortable shoes, and everyone needs to know about them. I bought a pair of Naturalizer slip-on sneakers after hearing lots of recommendations that they were great walking shoes for vacation. I have to report back that they are amazing – I have been wearing them daily and they’re so incredibly comfortable, clean up really easily (essential for mom-life), and I think they’re pretty cute! I loved them so much I ordered a pair of their blush wedge heels to wear for spring events, and they feel like wearing sneakers too. My other recent purchase that I’m obsessed with is my new spring raincoat – it’s the perfect weight for chilly spring days and the striped lining is darling.

Reading List. A friend recently asked me how I am able to read with a toddler, and I thought I’d share my secret with you guys. I get most of my books at the library, so I’ve given myself permission to abandon books that I’m just not that into. It makes it wayyy easier to choose reading a book over junky TV at night when it’s a book I’m really into – and if I’m not into it, there’s no guilt in giving up on it because it was free!  Admittedly I have fallen off the reading wagon in the past few weeks because I’ve been working a lot at night after Jane goes to bed – but I have a new book called The Trust that I’m excited to start. I needed to switch up my genres and read something more suspenseful this time around! I also love love love the writer Sloane Crosely and am going to save her new book for our trip in a few weeks!