I am going to admit it, I’m a weirdo and already have Jane’s Easter basket completely planned out even thought it’s several weeks away! It’s so fun that she’s starting to really understand the excitement of holidays (we already took out some plastic eggs that she’s been filling up with “treasures”), and I found a few fun treats I couldn’t wait to tuck away for her easter basket this year. I thought I’d share a few of them in case you need some inspiration for your kiddos too!In an attempt to be less wasteful at the holidays, I made it a point to tuck away Jane’s Easter basket (a pretty felt one similar to this), paper grass, and easter eggs from last year so I can reuse everything year after year. I even saved some Easter themed books and bunnies that I’m confident she won’t realize are from last year! I wanted to include a few toddler-friendly items and found some fun Easter stickers, play-doh-filled eggs, bubbles, and a little wooden kaleidoscope! My favorite additions to the basket though are things that I’m nostalgic over from my own childhood. We always got a fun purse to wear on Easter in our baskets, and I found a darling bunny purse to fit the bill (this one is so cute too). I also always got a Pez dispenser in my basket and know that my sweets-obsessed toddler will love this. The best thing I found was a pair of furry bunny glasses to wear with her Easter dress, which I know will crack Jane up! I can’t wait to give it to her — scroll down for more ideas I’ve rounded up for the holiday!