Monday isn’t so bad today because I’m coming off such a good weekend high. We had our favorite Indian food take-out, started to build some raised beds in our yard for our summer vegetable garden, and celebrated Easter yesterday with lots of family and food (Jane ate approximately 25lbs of chocolate bunnies and pastel M&Ms). It was really a perfect, relaxing weekend – I even got to finish a great book (more on that below!).  I’m riding my good mood and hoping to have a productive week, and thought I’d kick it off a few links and updates:Earth Day Favorites. It’s Earth Day! I wrote a big comprehensive post last year about all of my favorite eco-friendly products and it still holds true today! The ones that have made the biggest impact are our reusable kitchen and bathroom towels to cut down on paper towel usage and our glass containers and reusable food bags (I haven’t bought plastic sandwich baggies in over a year!).  I also always get asked about our mesh produce bags at the market, they’re great to keep with your reusable grocery totes to cut down on plastic bags. We also try to never leave home without our mugs for on-the-go drinks to cut-out single-use cups and straws. And my newest favorite eco-friendly item are my super-comfy Rothy’s shoes made from recycled plastic bottles (they’ve repurposed 20 million plastic bottles in the last three years!). If you’re looking for more eco-friendly inspiration, I got to interview the Recycle Smart MA initiative for some recycling tips a few months ago and it’s a helpful resource!

The Best Spring Sweater. My mom introduced me to this lightweight, cozy sweater from Old Navy and I have worn it every single day since I got my own. I own it in navy and gray, and I just placed it in my shopping cart to buy in coral too. It’s a staple in my spring uniform (layered over these basic $8 Target t-shirts that I also bought in multiple colors!).

Reading List. I made it through the Where the Crawdads Sing and ended up liking it much better in the second half of the book – it took awhile for me get hooked but it was worth it in the end. I just finished Daisy Jones & The Six last night and I loved it! It was written as a series of interviews with the band-members and told their complicated web-like story of sex, drugs, and rock & roll. I kept forgetting throughout the story that it was fiction, that’s how well the personalities of each perspective were developed – I highly recommend it! And now I’m halfway through Michelle Obama’s Becoming and I just love it, she has such a strong voice and learning about her background has been really fascinating.

Mother’s Day Event. I’m excited to share that my cookbook will be featured as one of the products available at The Shop on Washington, a Mother’s Day Pop-Up event featuring locally-based, female-owned brands from May 2nd to May 11th. You can visit to grab a signed copy of my cookbook and browse tons of beautifully curated gifts for Mother’s Day. If you’re not local and would like a signed copy of New England Invite to give as a Mother’s Day gift, send me an email and I can ship them out!