This post was created in partnership with Hood Milk; all opinions, images and content are my own.

I can’t stop giggling at these pictures of Jane. It’s amazing what a tiny little thing can bring a kid so much pleasure. Her sippy cups were in the dishwasher, so when she requested milk with her lunch I asked if she wanted it in a “big girl” glass. The answer was a resounding yes, and she was beaming in between each sip! That smile actually always  pops up on her face around meal times (the girls loves to eat!) and when she gets her Hood Milk, or as she calls it “Mmmmilk!”

We do our best at our house to plan for a well-balanced, nutritional diet. I don’t think I have to tell you though, that it can be challenge to actually execute those plans when you’re feeding a toddler (let’s be honest, it can be really hard for adults too!). One week she’s obsessed with cheese, and the next week it’s a total cheese boycott; one week she’s inhaling strawberries, and the next week strawberries are the most appalling food I could possibly put on her plate. Some weeks I think her body is made up for 90% cinnamon-raisin bagels, but we keep trying to do our best and give her nutritious options. There is one very consistent way we’re able to get her protein and essential nutrients, and that’s through drinking Hood Milk. Jane loves milk. Transitioning her to full-fat milk after formula wasn’t much of a challenge for us because she loved milk right from the start. One way we made it really enticing for her was letting her pick out fun sippy cups; now that she’s older she loves it no matter the vehicle (though, those big-girls cups are quite a treat as you can see from these pictures!). I’m super glad that she loves it because Hood Milk is full of the nutrition kids need, like 8g of protein and 9 essential nutrients per serving. It’s also something I feel good about giving her, knowing that the Hood brand is committed to high-quality milk that’s produced without artificial growth hormones.  Even on days when healthy eating is a challenge (like today, ahem!), I know that she’ll always eagerly grab a nutritious glass of Hood Milk.

You can find Hood Milk in your local dairy aisle.