If you guys have been following around here for a while, you know that I love my grazing boards. I started a whole #DomestikateGrazingBoards hashtag with all of my snack-feast creations on instagram, and keep a big grazing board inspiration collection on my Pinterest page too! My last summery snack board was one of my favorites, and I’ve been itching to make another warm-weather twist on these fun food displays. This time around, I took my board and I made it into a box — a picnic box to be exact! A perfect little traveling container for an al fresco feast.Here’s how I put this picnic box together: start with a container that has a flat bottom and raised sides; I used an old gift box crate, but a sturdy box or a tray with sides would work well too. A container like this to makes it easier to serve and keep things in place when you’re setting up on uneven ground. Next I used lots of smaller containers to store my snacks — little jars to keep loose items like nuts and pretzels and candies contained when transporting, and glass jars (I love weck jars!) for holding perishable items like charcuterie, cheeses and side salads). You can pop those perishable items into a cooler and then add them back to the board when you arrive at your picnic spot.To corral some of the other ingredients like crackers and fruits, I used paper berry baskets. They’re eco-friendly and keep everything in their place! Then I tucked in some parchment-paper wrapped sandwiches, some sweet caramels to finish off  the meal, and a few pieces of compostable cutlery and napkins for eating our feast! Nothing is better than a bit of sunshine, a picnic blanket spread out over the grass, and all of the delicious snacks you could imagine (and maybe a glass of rosè for good measure).