My love for grazing boards is boundless, and they’re one of my very favorite entertaining tricks to wow guests! They also happen to be one of my favorite tricks for getting my picky toddler to eat well. I probably get asked for “snacks” about 40 times a day by Jane — one of our biggest food challenges is that she would much rather eat snacks than meals. Instead of having this ongoing battle over snacks, I have embraced it and made a kid-friendly snack spread that rivals some of my best grown-up grazing boards, with the help of a few of my favorite Cascadian Farm ingredients.There are a few fun ways to make a kid-friendly grazing board. To start, I pick a few small vessels to hold ingredients that need to be contained, like Cascadian Farm Organic Granola, grapes and mixed berries, and one of my favorites — Cascadian Farm Organic Honey Vanilla Crunch cereal (it’s gluten free and has 26g of whole grains!) You can use small bowls, tiny mason jars, or silicone cupcake liners (I found fun star-shaped ones that colorful and kid-friendly!). I love to add some Cascadian Farm Organic Granola Bars to the board too; they’re an absolute favorite in our house and guaranteed the first thing Jane’s little hands will go for on the board! Unwrap a few of them so kids can see what’s inside, like enticing classic chocolate chips or the colorful cherry almond flavor. Another fun way to get kids to eat the good-stuff on the board is with playful shapes. I use tiny cookie cutters to stamp out slices of cheese — the little flower cheese bites look adorable and are a perfect poppable size for kids. I also use the mini cookie cutters on fruits like watermelon and a melon-baller tool to scoop out cantaloupe and honeydew balls. Berries and clementine slices get tucked into the blank spaces on the board and it’s ready to serve.  I love the idea of using a big grazing board like this as a snack option for kids parties or play-dates, or making a scaled down version as a fun weekday mealtime solution for your picky eaters. It’s always a winner at our house (and the grown-ups get in on the snacks too!). 

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