When I hosted my sister’s bachelorette we were lucky to stay the weekend at a beautiful Airbnb in upstate New York. The biggest perk (besides a lovely pool and picturesque yard) was that there was a big kitchen and plenty of space for us to eat and entertain at the house. When I hear the phrase “bachelorette party” I always instantly groan at the idea of having to juggle a dozen women ordering at restaurants 3x a day. Even under the best circumstances, it’s a lot of work to organize and move that many people out of the house and get everyone fed! Planning some easy meals that we could make (or serve) at the house took so much pressure off the weekend celebrations, and this bagel brunch was a perfect solution for kicking off the day, and featured some simple DIY elements that I made with customized Chinet® Cut Crystal cups.Whenever I do a house rental like this I always like to bring my own party supplies, because you’re never quite sure what you’re walking into with a rental kitchen. I love using the Chinet Cut Crystal plates and cups because they work well for various occasions, but aren’t so precious that we have to worry about anything breaking! Since I figured we would be grabbing our breakfast and heading out to the pool, I also loved that they were durable enough to be used for outdoor entertaining. Bonus points for not having to do dishes mid-bachelorette party! Of course I can never just leave things unadorned, so I used one of my favorite DIY tricks to customize the Chinet Cut Crystal cups. I worked with a designer I found on Etsy to make a logo for the weekend and I used it on welcome bags, menus, and other items. I also took the logo and printed it out on large printable mailing labels, and cut each label out before adhering them to the outside of the Chinet Cut Crystal cups. It was a really simple DIY that dressed up the cups and tied them in with other details from the weekend, like my festive straws and drink stirrers. Plus they made a really cute photo-op! One of the bridesmaids was on bagel duty and brought a giant box of the most delicious bagels and a variety of cream cheeses and spreads. We also served fruit with the leftover bagels the second day to keep everyone fueled for their long rides home! A warm pot of coffee and some orange juice rounded out the meal (along with a few glasses of OJ that got a mimosa twist!). It was simple and easy, but everyone enjoyed it – it will always be a mainstay in my weekend getaway menu! 


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