We had some friends over this past weekend, so of course a cheese board was on the menu. I’ve been experimenting and getting creative with all sorts of themed grazing boards lately, but sometimes I just like to go back to basics and create a simple, classic board with my favorite ingredients. It was also a great chance to try out my new set of cheese knives by Forseti Steel!Forseti Steel sent me their new Tout le Fromage Damascus Steel Cheese Knife Set to try out and they are super special. The name sort of says it all Tout le Fromage literally translates to “All the Cheese” and they’re designed to cover it all. They just feel so sturdy and robust when you hold them – you can feel the attention to detail that goes into the hand-forging craft! The cheese knives come in a really beautiful wooden box that would make a great presentation for holiday gifts. I paired my cheeses and accompaniments with each special cheese knife. The narrow plane knife works nicely with soft cheeses like the cambazoola and herbed goat cheese on the board. I used the flat cheese knife for a firm chive-dotted Cotswold Double Gloucester (one of my favorite cheeses from Trader Joe’s currently!), and paired the spade knife with a hard gruyere-cheddar cheese. The cheese fork is great for holding a large block of cheese in place while you’re slicing it, or for picking up pieces of charcuterie like the prosciutto on this plate. I filled in with some seasonal crackers, my favorite glazed pecans and pistachios, and bowl of local honey for drizzling on your cheese and cracker bites. To give the plate a finished look, and a nod to some seasonal flavors, I tucked in fresh sage, rosemary and thyme into the edges of the plate (I love how bright and fragrant the herbs make the plate feel!). You know I’ll use anyexcuse to make a beautiful cheese plate, but getting to give these new cheese knives a test drive was an extra good one!

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