This post is sponsored by FAGE, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Raise your hand if you’re on a new year’s health kick! During the holidays I must have said “I’ll be better in the new year” about a dozen times, and now that the new year (and new decade!) are actually here, I’m buckling down to kick things off in a positive and healthy way. I read recently that a more effective way to tackle resolutions (particularly around health and eating) is to focus more on the good you can add rather than subtracting the bad – it’s less about missing out on the junky stuff, and more about adding in better options. One of the better options I’m experimenting with is delicious, rich and creamy all-natural FAGE Total Plain Greek yogurt.FAGE Total 5% Plain is a perfect canvas for different flavors – you can use it as the base for healthy yogurt bowl, mix it into smoothies, I even use it as a dip or sauce base for savory dinner recipes too! I love it because it’s protein-rich, a great source of calcium, it’s made with only milk and live active yogurt cultures, and it is such a versatile ingredient! One of the ways that I love to use FAGE Total 5% Plain is a base for easy breakfast yogurt bowls. I can get into a slump with healthy eating when I don’t have enough variety, so mixing up what you mix in is a great way to keep things interesting. My go-to toppings for a tasty FAGE Total Plain bowl are different kinds of granolas, chopped nuts, swirls of honey or preserves, and lots of fresh fruit – berries are the best! I’m also all about thinking outside the box for yogurt bowl mix ins too. I recently took a cooking class in Boston where we learned to make Nepali dumplings, and the instructor prepared the most delicious and simple “dessert” for us that totally opened my eyes up to some of the ways I could experiment with mix-ins to take Greek yogurt to the next level! She used delicious, rich Greek yogurt and swirled in honey, frozen mango slices, and toasted almonds with saffron. I couldn’t get enough of the tasty treat! Almond slices, honey, and frozen mangos are now part of my yogurt bowl ingredient line-up too. Picking a new combination of ingredients every week and prepping them in advance to keep in the fridge for easy access, keeps my menu interesting and super-easy to grab and assemble when I’m hungry. I love all of the easy ways that FAGE Total Plain can be used to make really delicious and simple snacks that help me stay on track for healthy eating in the new year (and hopefully all year long!).