Jane’s birthday party was this past weekend and her request was for a celebration with “rainbows, sprinkles, and snacks” — all of her favorite things. When I was planning the menu I knew I wanted to incorporate some of her favorite foods, and donuts top her list of sweet treats! We unfortunately don’t have great gourmet donut shops by us, so I got creative with a little DIY to dress up some store-bought donuts with sprinkle to fit our party theme.I started with two boxes of donuts from Trader Joe’s and made a simple donut glaze: whisk together one cup of confectioner’s sugar with 2-3 tablespoons of whole milk. You could add a touch of vanilla extract for flavoring, and I stirred in a bit of gel food coloring to tint the glazes in pink and purple. Then I arranged the donuts on a cooling rack over a rimmed baking sheet and drizzled the glaze on top before finishing them with rainbow sprinkles. It was actually a great way to use up a variety of leftover sprinkles, and they looked so festive at the party all stacked up on a cake stand with the rest of our desserts!