Have you noticed recently how so many people are cooking from scratch more now that everyone is at home? We have tried our hand at fresh bread, roasting chickens, and tons of baked goods. Part of it is that we’re looking for something to do at home on the weekends (cooking with kids is usually a pretty fun, if not messy, activity). But another big part of it is out of necessity! We place our grocery store order online and it’s a bit like playing roulette to see what exactly will be in the bags when we arrive for curbside pick-up. My recent order was missing an out of stock item that I was craving: tortilla chips to dunk in my favorite Heluva Good! Dips, so I decided to try and make my own.Making baked tortilla chips is just about as simple as it gets: stack and slice a few tortillas into small triangles and spread them out on a baking sheet. Lightly brush them with vegetable oil and sprinkle them with a dusting of sea salt, then pop them in the oven to bake for 8-10 minutes at 375 degrees. Once they crisp and turn a golden brown you can pull them out of the oven and get dipping in some of your favorite dips. With Cinco de Mayo coming up, I had to pair them with a festive dip like the limited edition Heluva Good!’s Nacho Queso Supreme. Once I baked the first batch I started to experiment with different flavorings! I topped some with a tiny brush of fresh lime juice and chili lime seasoning, and you could sprinkle on other spices like onion powder to pair with an onion dip (Heluva Good! French Onion dip is a favorite! Yum!). If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you could even try to make your own tortillas! My sister gave me a tortilla making kit for Christmas two years ago, and with all of our weekends at home now we decided to start making fresh tortillas on Saturday nights. They make the most delicious tacos and it’s a fun activity to do together as a family. Use the leftover tortillas to make chips to serve with Heluva Good! dip for a little snack the next day. Scroll down to get the full recipe, and bake up some tortilla chips to serve with your own #CincoDipMayo spread!

Baked Tortilla Chips and Dips.
  • 8 Flour Tortilla chips
  • ¼ Cup of Vegetable Oil
  • Sea salt
  • Heluva Good! Dip, for serving
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Stack the tortillas and cut them into approximately eight even triangles.
  3. Spread the tortilla triangles in a single layer across two cookie sheets; use a pastry brush to lightly spread vegetable oil on each piece and then sprinkle with sea salt (or seasoning of your choice).
  4. Bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes until the tortilla chips are crispy and lightly golden brown.
  5. Remove from oven and serve with your favorite Heluva Good! Dip.

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