I am so excited to share have one of the most simple and satisfying DIY projects I’ve ever done – a little flooring revamp in our pantry-mudroom closet. My friends at Chasing Paper — makers of the coolest removable wallpaper, decals, and art prints — just launched a new line of peel and stick removable tiles. I’ve had a blast working with the brand before on some other fun projects (like this accent wall in our old playroom) and they shared some of these new tiles to try out before they launched! The space that needed this facelift was one of the most multi-purpose rooms in our house. It’s a long pantry right off of our back entrance that we use as our landing zone when we enter the house. There are coat hooks, bins for shoes and hats and mittens and masks, usually a pile of beach bags or backpacks, and a stack of boxes that are coming and going for my work projects. We also have very limited storage in our actual kitchen, so we use the closet as a both a pantry and a space for small kitchen appliances (the microwave is in here!) and all of my styling props for my job. At the very back of the filled-to-the-max space is another smaller closet that we use for coats and seasonal items. To say that this little closet is a workhorse would be an understatement! When we first moved in I gave the area a fresh coat of white paint, brought in some large metal shelves, and fully ignored the icky old beige linoleum tile that covered the floors. Since the space is a closet, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money redoing the floors when we had so many other projects to tackle!  The Chasing Paper floor tiles seemed like the perfect solution for this space. Installation was very simple — they peel and stick just like large stickers, and cut very easily to fit the corners and edges around moulding. My best pieces of advice for installation are 1) make sure your floor is VERY clean before starting — the only places I ran into challenges were a few areas where a stray piece of dust prevented the tile from sticking well, 2) order a few extra tiles to have on hand in case you make an error cutting. We’ve had the peel and stick floor tiles installed for two months now, and they’ve taken a beating during our snowy winter with muddy boots being strewn across the floor. They’ve cleaned VERY easily and I’m really happy to see how they’re holding up after quite a bit of use. I did keep a few extra tiles on hand in case I need to replace them down the line from stains or scuffs, but so far they’ve been standing up to a good cleaning as well as any of our other flooring. I’m already scheming where to put them next!

Please note: Chasing Paper gifted me these tiles. All opinions, images and content are my own.