We are gearing up to host our second annual kids halloween party with a few of our closet friends, and I’ve been busy coming with fresh ideas to make it festive and fun for our guests. One idea that I tested out this weekend was a kid-friendly halloween snack board, full of toddler-friendly bites that fit my spooky theme! Here’s what I included on the board! I started with some hummus and dippable orange veggies, like carrot sticks and orange bell peppers. Orange fruits were another easy addition – I used orange slices, but mangos, cantaloupes and clementines would be other great ideas. The blueberries added a pop of contrast for that orange and black theme! Cheddar Cheese pieces that I cut with witchy stars kept with the color scheme, and then I mixed in a few crunchy items like orange crackers (sweet potato crackers from Trader Joe’s!), spooky veggie stick ghosts, and pumpkin-shaped pretzels. It’s not Halloween without a few sweets to balance out the healthier bites, so I added some pumpkin cookies and candy corn to the board too. To finish it off, I got candy eyes to make some of the snacks pop with an eery glance, the perfect touch for a Halloween-themed kids snack display!