It looks like the storm has officially passed, I survived on a big stack of magazines, an at home mani-pedi, and a few old movies. As much as the rain and wind slamming against the windows gave me a scare, it was definitely a nice change of pace to lounge around at home all weekend. How did you weather out the storm?

With the holiday on Monday in Boston, it seems like the week has gotten away from me — I’ve barely had a chance to download all of the shots I snapped over last weekend. I enjoyed warmer weather and took an impromptu trip down to New York where I caught a baseball game, shopped, visited with friends and family, and enjoyed a stay at the Thompson Hotel.

I also made a long-awaited trip to Fishs Eddy while in the city. Major sensory overload from all of the amazing glassware and china gave me a buyer’s-freeze; I wanted one of everything and thus didn’t choose anything; another trip back is a must! And just like that, it’s practically the weekend again.