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Outdoors in.

I’m so excited to have outdoor space this summer in my new apartment. Barbecuing and sunshine are lovely and all, but what I’m really excited about? Another space to decorate!

Everyone is always trying to “bring the outside in” but I’m fully prepared to bring the inside out and make it a homey little addition to the rest of the indoor-rooms. I think adding an outdoor rug would make the space look much more ‘room’-like and am surprised by all of the great options that go beyond the usual jute rugs.

Pier 1 has some super bright options that are astonishingly inexpensive:

And I love the colors of these reversible rugs from Living Comforts:

I need to narrow some furniture choices and start making some decisions, moving day will be here before I know it!

Green Spaces.

I don’t have any outdoor space at my current apartment, not so much as a fire escape to store some potted plants on, so I’m growing incredibly envious of people that have patios and porches to lounge on as the summer is starting to get a little warmer.

Green Patio

This envy is only intensified by the adorable outdoor-entertaining accessories that are now available. As I’ve been flipping through catalogs and pipe-dreaming about a backyard of my own, I’m picking up on a trend of bright pops of green and cool summer whites; just think how cute this combo would look on a luscious green lawn! A girl can dream…

Green and white lanterns via zGallerie; Tray table via CB2; Paper lanterns via Target; Grill via Crate and Barrel; Lounge chair and side table via Crate and Barrel

Spring Fever.

Dear Boston,

Stop being cold and rainy. Please start being more like this:


via Decorno


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