We are officially in that stretch of summer where you have to escape to the porch to keep cool! A few steamy days in a row and our house has warmed up enough that we were lying in front of fans while watching TV last night. In this day of Netflix and Tivo apps, I realized that it’s pretty easy for me to grab my laptop and enjoy a relaxing night on the porch watching an old flick while enjoying the cool evening breezes. Of course I like to take any good idea and turn it into a great one with a little bit of creativity and some themed snacks for a DIY outdoor movie night! IMG_4014

I made our porch as cozy as possible with outdoor poufs to put our feet up, and lots of outdoor pillows (plus what I like to call my “porch blanket” for cozying up on the deck furniture). Then I rounded up all of my favorite movie theater snacks: Raisinets, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers — all displayed in clear glass jars, plus a few movie theater candy boxes for good measure. I popped some fresh popcorn, and to wash down the salty, buttery staple I set out some of my favorite IZZE flavors and festive striped straws. The hardest part is deciding what movie to watch — Dirty Dancing is always my go-to choice for a summer-y chick flick!  IMG_4016IMG_4015


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