Things have been moving a little slow around here as I enjoy a nice summer speed, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. We’ll call this post a “summer catch-all” — okay? A little bit of everything I’m loving, reading, and thinking about for Fall. Untitled-1 

  1. Tassels – Yup, tassels are still a thing. I still can’t get enough of them. I’m particularly fond of them in rich colors like on this gorgeous blue clutch, in a tropical palette of stacked bracelets, and chicly paired with a brushed gold for chic tassel earrings.
  2. Preppy “Back to School” Pieces – I’m a long way from school but these last few weeks of August always get me nostalgic for sharpening my fresh box of #2 of pencils and shopping for a “back to school” outfit. A needlepoint flag hat, a preppy tote for my books, and this collegiate looking cross body bag (a steal! I got it for $15) would all be on my back to school list.
  3. Gold Desk Details – I’ve been “decorating” my new home office for quite some town (still waiting to pull the trigger on artwork and lamps before I share it!) and pops of gold are absolutely part of my desk scheme. I’m trying not to go supermarket sweep on the SugarPaperLA  for Target line but it’s just so hard to resist! I am eyeing the letter sorter, the paper clip note holder, and that darling set of jars for odds and ends.
  4. Summer Reading List – I feel super lucky to have picked a string of such all star books for my nightstand this summer. I’ve been flying through books much faster than normal because they’ve just been so good! The Opposite of Loneliness was a poignant collection of short stories by a young author who passed away too soon. Modern Lovers and Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty shared a common theme of dysfunctional, privileged families struggling with the ups and downs of middle age, and I loved reading both of them. I always love when books take place in familiar settings too, and  Sons and Daughters bounced around Cambridge, Boston and Martha’s Vineyard so I enjoyed imagining the real life settings of the story.
  5. Playful Home Pieces – A little bit of wit and cheer goes a long way on these hot summer days, and I’ve stocked my bar cart with some flamingo straws to give me a little giggle as I pass by the nook where they live — I think these Kate Spade tumblers would fit perfectly in that same setting. And I’m always enamored by the new Pillowfort Collection at Target — trying to think of a place where this funky tassel pillow can live in my house!