If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen some pretty big news announced this weekend — we’re expecting a new (and tiny!) member of team Domestikatedlife in January. I’ve just about reached my maximum life limit for secret keeping by not announcing this sooner on the blog, but knowing that a confetti-filled party was how I would let the cat out of the bag helped me keep my lips shut for much longer than I am usually able. This weekend we went to the doctor and had the ultrasound technician at the appointment write down the gender of our baby. We patiently (just kidding, I was so not patient) waited for a crew of a few our closest friends and our immediate families to come over to our house for a gender reveal BBQ to share in the excitement of the news. Gender Reveal 1When we first talked about doing a gender reveal I loved the idea of pulling open a piñata and letting blue or pink confetti fall out — I will literally find any reason to make a mess with confetti, this seemed like a fitting occasion! I handmade the piñata a week before — it took a really long time and resulted in some minor hand cramping and calloused palms, but was so worth it — and my sister and I hand cut a giant bag of both blue and pink tissue paper confetti. When it came to filling the piñata, someone had to open the envelope first, and my bestie Taz did the honors. She had an amazing poker face — so good in fact that I maintained my guess that it was boy right up until the end! I’m so lucky that she is also a super talented photographer and captured images of the whole reveal on camera. Gender Reveal 2b

Leading up to the big reveal, everyone tallied their guesses on a giant chalkboard and then gathered around for the pull of piñata strings. The first little drop of a pink piece of confetti was pretty much all I saw and the shrieking and jumping up and down started. If you’ve never had a shower of pink confetti thrown on you, I highly recommend you try it! We were so excited to find out the gender, and if my face in the pictures below is any indication, there was so much joy bursting out of me and our families that it was going to be a baby girl! She’ll be making an appearance in early January 2017, and I can’t wait to share more about my pregnancy, our baby preparations, and this new phase of our life over the next few months.
Gender Reveal 3 Gender Reveal 4 Gender Reveal 5b Gender Reveal 6 Gender Reveal 7b

Thanks to my amazing friend Taz  for capturing this special day, all photos are by Bring to Light Photography.

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