It’s been a busy few weeks here with the cookbook launching, the first book signings, and lots of planning for holiday content to wrap up the year. Crazy to think that October is more than halfway over, but time flies when you’re having fun.  Speaking of time, it’s time for a little download of all of my favorite things, new recipes, and random thoughts!Book Events. I had SO much fun launching the cookbook with a big celebration last week at my first few book signings. There are still lots more events on the horizon, and I hope I get to meet lots of you at the next few! See this post for the full list of book tour events!

New Favorite Things. I find that I often share things here that I am buying for Jane, but it’s been a long time since I shared a few of my favorite things (mostly because I rarely shop for myself these days!). But these finds were just too good not to share – starting with the world’s best jeans!! I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit, don’t’ stretch out, and aren’t crazy expensive. I just tried out Everlane’s skinny jeans and they are life changing. LIFE CHANGING. They just hold everything in so nicely, and that’s all we can really ask for in a pair of jeans, right? I also love that you can see how the denim styles look on different shaped bodies on their website – game-changer for online ordering!

I decided to revamp my fall shoe selection with a few booties to replace last season’s worn out pairs. I’m living in these everyday boots (literally, every single day) from Amazon, and have a dressier pair of cut-out booties from Target that I’ve been wearing with dresses to book signing events! And my friends at Garnet Hill gifted me the most beautiful leopard print boots (in the picture above!) that make me feel crazy chic — I can’t wait to wear them with dresses at the holidays.

In other favorite-thing-news, I have a few new beauty products that I’m loving. At the Better Homes & Gardens event I attended a few weeks ago I got to try some new Maybelline products and fell in love with their new TattooStudio Brow Tint pens. It’s a much more subtle, natural way to fill in my light brows and make them pop. I also tried the Kristin Ess Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray after my sister recommended it, and it is amazing. It made my hair look like I got a professional blow out after using it last weekend, so I’m pretty sure the spray contains some sort of actual magic.

New Recipes. I have been cooking up a storm! There is something about this season, and the cooler weather, it makes me so excited to get in the kitchen and experiment. A few of my favorite recipes we’ve been cooking up the past few weeks include this savory Cheddar Thyme Potato Leek Soup (yummm!) and simple Turkey Brie, and Apple Butter Biscuit Bites for party appetizers. I’ve also been testing lots of new simple dinner recipes, like these Baked Garlic and Herb Turkey Meatballs (great for meal prepping in big batches!), and this easy Chicken Enchilada Chili that is perfect for fall! I also shared a big post with all of my tricks for getting toddlers to eat veggies (hint: I’m sneaky about it!).

Halloween Prep. Guys, I’ve never been into Halloween, but now that I think Jane might get excited about the festivities this year I’m opening up to the celebrations. I’m in a panic that I haven’t started her costume yet, so I’ll be starting my crafting bonanza soon (she’s going to be a mouse, and I’m trying to make her a cheese tote-bag for trick or treating!). To get in the spirit I started a new Halloween Pinterest board if you need some inspiration, and head over to my Instagram page for a really fun Halloween giveaway too!