One of my favorite occasions of the year is coming up next weekend: The Oscars! It’s the best excuse to snuggle up on the couch, live-tweet my expert opinions about ball gowns and celebrity hairstyles while wearing a sweatshirt and yoga pants, and of course: eating special on-theme snacks! I had so much fun sharing my Valentine’s Day Grazing Board, that I thought I’d create another one full of movie-theater sweets and red carpet themed snacks. I’ll be accepting my Academy Award for Best Supporting Snack Tray any time now, don’t you think?To make your own Oscar night snack board, start with a large tray (I used this big melamine wood grain tray) and by collecting your favorite movie-theater snacks. I took a spin down the candy aisle at the grocery store and stocked up on M&Ms, Kit Kats and Reeses, plus some fruity options like Sour Patch Kids and Skittles. Twizzlers are a must, and I added in some chocolate covered pretzels for good measure. Next I used some festive gold popcorn boxes on the snack board to add in the movie-themed essential: popcorn! I chose two varieties, my favorite sea salt BOOMCHICKAPOP and some sweet caramel Cracker Jacks — yum! Then I nestled in my savory bites on a small marble cheese board, which included a few cracker varieties, and cheeses that I cut out with star-shaped cookie cutters for a little red carpet nod! All that’s left to do is park yourself on the couch and start snacking while the celebrities do the hard work posing in their fancy dresses!