Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday — for obvious reasons: FOOD! But one of my very favorite parts of Thanksgiving is the day after when we get to dive into the leftovers and make those delicious mile-high turkey sandwiches, or dig into a slice of remnant pie while hanging out with family on the couch. While no one can argue the place that the turkey sandwich has in the leftover hierarchy, everyone has a different approach to their leftover packaging. Being who I am, I of course can’t let Thanksgiving leftovers go unadorned and have some festive ideas for packing up your precious pie slices using my favorite Chinet®brand products!
I always have a stash of Chinet®Classic White™ plates for entertaining – and they’re extra helpful to have on hand for Thanksgiving leftovers. I love that they’re durable and leak resistant to hold up to a loaded turkey spread – cranberry sauce and all.  They’re also microwave-safe which makes them great for leftovers. To set up a leftover station, grab the Chinet®Classic White™ square dinner plates for larger leftovers like turkey and all of the side dishes, and then use the Chinet®Classic White™ square dessert plates for all of the leftover sweets and pies.
To give my leftovers a festive touch, I used a brown permanent marker to write around the raised border of the plates with little nods to our menu. On the dessert plates I wrote “save room for pie!” and around the dinner plates I wrote out classic Thanksgiving dishes and accompaniments. I admittedly don’t have the best handwriting, but when you write in repeat it looks like a fun pattern, so I’m proof that anyone could do this! When you’re ready to pack up the food, flip another matching sized Chinet plate over the top to create a little package and wrap them up with seasonal patterned ribbons. I know this is not going to be as leak proof as a sealed container, but it does the trick for a quick trip home with a plate of leftovers on your lap!  I also like to transport a few slices of pie or some delicate cookies this way because they don’t get crushed by tightly wrapped plastic wrap or foil (and bonus: the plates are compostable!). You can even write a little note on top to let guests know who should take home which plate – that way no one gets their pumpkin pie mixed up with someone else’s beloved apple pie slice! Guests will be singing their hostess’ praises when they get home with a plate of delicious leftovers to keep the Thanksgiving celebrations going throughout the weekend!

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