I have a pretty strong track record of being super organized around the holidays, especially when it comes to gift giving. Some years I’ve started a “gift idea” list on my phone as early as June. This year though, we’re doing a little bit less gift-giving with our family and instead focusing more on experiences, so my to-do-list looks a little bit different this time around. I’m still trying to keep everything in order though, marking things off the list one day at a time to make the most of the holiday season. My friends at AAA Northeast shared a fun, quick online quiz with me to help me find my holiday saving personality and use my #AAADiscounts to save this season as I tackle my holiday errands!I took the quiz and have to giggle at my results: I got the “busy bee” which absolutely describes me. Many of the discounts in this category are totally aligned to my needs. I can use my AAA membership to get discounts like 5% off shipping at the UPS store, which is perfect for sending out signed copies of my cookbook that readers are ordering for Christmas gifts! Another discount that caught my eye was 20% off Wolfermans gourmet baked goods which would look great in some of my seasonal entertaining blog posts (and tasty for Christmas morning!)I perused all of the other discount offerings outside of my quiz results (I used to love doing that when I took magazine quizzes as teen, anyone else?) and found tons of great deals in the family-focused category as well! Since we’re trying to focus more on sharing experiences as gifts with my family this year, I loved seeing some amazing discounts on things like movie tickets, home game seats to our favorite sports teams, and museums and kids activities like Legoland, the Mystic Seaport Museum and the New England Aquarium.You can take the quiz online to find your own holiday savings personality, and see all of the amazing discounts and offers that can help you save this holiday season at AAA.com/HolidayDeals.

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