It’s barely the middle of December and we’ve already had two snowstorms, and I’ve been brainstorming fun ideas for Jane and I do together while we’re stuck inside. She is currently obsessed with snowman — we’ve built a real one with this fun snowman set, she’s constantly wear her snowman sweatshirt, and since she just learned how to draw circles we’ve been drawing a lot of them too.  So I thought we’d make a sweet snowman treat together for the holidays using fluffy white marshmallows! Making these cheery little guys is super simple, and kid-friendly. We used skinny pretzel sticks to hold together three stacked marshmallows — Jane liked the counting out of each marshmallow and I helped her thread them on the pretzel stick. We broke other pretzel sticks in half and poked them into the middle marshmallow to make arms (Tip: if you’re having trouble threading the pretzel sticks through the marshmallows, you can use a pointy toothpick to make hole first).To make the eyes, mouth, and buttons I dipped a toothpick in black decorative icing — the kind you find in the grocery store baking aisle — and pressed the toothpick into the marshmallow to make each dot. Then a little bit of orange gel icing — also from the grocery store baking aisle — made the carrot noses! Voila! A snowman! You could serve them on their own, dunk them in a hot cocoa hot tub, or use them as cupcake toppers like we did — they dressed up store-bought box mix cupcakes for a festive little winter dessert!